John Harbaugh appears to wave off post-game handshake with Mike Vrabel


They exchanged pleasantries before the game. They exchanged none after the game.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh waved off Titans coach Mike Vrabel after Sunday’s overtime win by Tenessee.

Both were wearing face coverings, so it likely wasn’t a COVID thing. It may simply be that, in the deflating moments following a loss that sent the Ravens to 6-4 and after whatever happened before the game, Harbaugh simply wasn’t interested.

Regardless, the Titans are now 2-0 in Baltimore during 2020. And the Ravens are staring at the make-or-break game on Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

12 responses to “John Harbaugh appears to wave off post-game handshake with Mike Vrabel

  1. There’s a difference between losing a game and acting like a loser. Harbaugh managed to do both.

  2. Maybe John is spending the time he saved by blowing off the handshake to figure out what to do with his sinking ship of a team and a running QB who is no longer effective and in fact is now hurting his team because everyone knows he can’t throw it outside the hashes and he really only throws the ball to his TE.

  3. ive been watching john harbaugh since he was the eagles’ special teams coach. if i were a ravens fan, i would be careful what i wish for because i guarantee you this- your next coach won’t be anywhere near as good as harbaugh is. wait and see.

  4. Can’t wait to see Harbaugh wave off Tomlin on Thanksgiving after Lamar coughs it up 4 times, again.

  5. The league has the Baltimore Murdering Blackbirds all figured out. Lame is not a QB and he cannot beat you with the pass. Limit his pathetic number of runs (now seemingly averaging 13 or so times a game) to producing three or four yards and Lame is easily beaten. And we have learned that Lame cannot bring his team from behind.


    It would take a real QB to do that. And Lame is not even a QB.

  6. Love how everyone is jumping all over this as an opportunity to blast Harbaugh, when he did in fact shake Vrabel’s hand.

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