Lamar Jackson: It looked like that team wanted it more than us

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The Ravens have lost three of their past four games, falling to the Steelers, Patriots and Titans along with a victory over the Colts. They need a miracle to repeat as AFC North champions.

Lamar Jackson expressed his frustration after Derrick Henry‘s 29-yard touchdown run in overtime sealed Sunday’s game.

“We just had two losses in a row, games we should’ve won,” Jackson said, via “We had little hiccups in the game. But we’ve still got to keep fighting through it. It looked like that team wanted it more than us. They [were] playing physical. When we went up, I just feel like we took our foot off the gas. We’ve just got to keep it going, finish teams.”

The Ravens blew a 21-10 second-half lead, tied it with a field goal with 15 seconds left and then lost in overtime. It denied Baltimore a chance to avenge its playoff loss to the Titans in January.

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  1. I said that without Williams and Campbell we would lose this game. We held in there until late in the 4th but couldn’t hang on. Penalties were also a factor and likely a result of said missing players.
    On offense we looked pretty lame all day. Lamar had time to throw but his timing and accuracy on the deep throws, aside from the TD toss to Andrews, was awful. Running game was decent. Special teams aside from the fake punt did their job.
    Bottom line, this team is not fun to watch right now.
    But if we can get healthy and squeak a playoff spot, you never know.

  2. Ravens aren’t built for comebacks…their aggressive blitzing defense and run option PA offense is liability when trailing in games

  3. Love it when a Ravens fan blames injuries for their team coughing up the game. Sounds a lot of excuses from Jackson too. YOU didn’t play well – AGAIN. This clown takes no accountability. Can’t throw & is immature.

  4. After playing well early, the Baltimore secondary just gave up too many pass plays to sustain the lead.

  5. Should have won the last two games? Huh? When you pass for a little over 200 yards a game you don’t deserve to win. When you throw awful picks at key moments over and over again, you don’t deserve to win. When you miss wide open receivers consistently, you don’t deserve to win.
    Maybe stop with the excuses? Did the Titans defense call out your plays today as well?
    I know it’s hard to deal with this. Lamar is young and he was inexplicably placed on a pedestal last season because he had a good regular season and hyped to the moon. But the gimmick offense and his serious shortcomings as a QB have been exposed. The truth hurts. good luck even making the playoffs this year, let alone winning a playoff game.

  6. No, Lame, the problem is your gimmick is done. You have been allowed to be the one man dog and pony show and your development as a pro football QB has been stunted. It could be too late for you since your solution for being a mediocre QB is that you could run for your life; now that the other teams have limited your damage by the ground, your incompetence as a passer is exposed.

    I hope that this loss prevents you from getting into the playoffs. You could possibly win the Player of the Year of the Most Overrated.

  7. Play better Lamar. Dont look for other reasons or outlets. Shoulder the blame, hold others accountable, and play better. Thats what leaders do.

  8. I think it boiled down to the one team having a QB with a QBR of 80. The other team had a QBR of 40. It’s probably not too hard to figure out which one is which.

  9. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City says:
    November 22, 2020 at 7:24 pm
    I have no idea why they don’t let Lamar run. Mind blowing.


    Because if he gets hurt, they have to rely on Robert Griffin or Trace McSorley at QB

  10. Jackson still can’t throw with enough consistency to be too worried about the Ravens on offense.

  11. When a quarterback takes the microphone after a loss, and immediately say “it starts with me” then he ain’t no leader!!…PERIOD

  12. Every time I watch Lamar Jackson I always think how good of a Harlem Globetrotter he would have been, him and Meadowlark would be crazy fun to watch

  13. The Ravens playoff game for this year is on Thursday. If they lose I am pretty sure they are done for the year. For the Steelers, it’s just another game.

  14. Until Jackson can prove he can throw outside the numbers and past the line of scrimmage, we won’t be beating the good teams.

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