Mike Vrabel says no issue with John Harbaugh, postgame handshake


In a video taken after the Titans beat the Ravens in overtime on Sunday, it looked like Ravens head coach John Harbaugh waved off Titans head coach Mike Vrabel when Vrabel was headed to shake hands.

Vrabel wasn’t making an issue about it after the game. Vrabel faced a question about the interaction with Harbaugh during his postgame press conference and said, via Joe Rexrode of TheAthletic.com, “absolutely not” when asked if Harbaugh refused to shake his hand.

Vrabel added that he has a “lot of respect for John” and that Harbaugh told him there was no issue left over from pregame. Harbaugh and Vrabel exchanged words after Harbaugh took issue with Titans players hyping themselves up on the Ravens logo painted on the M&T Bank Stadium field.

Harbaugh said, via Jeff Zrebiec of TheAthletic.com, that the pregame activities were “irrelevant” and said there was no issue after the game.

10 responses to “Mike Vrabel says no issue with John Harbaugh, postgame handshake

  1. Why do we tolerate grown men acting like little children? It’s how we ended up with people like the exiting president. Hold men to a higher standard.

  2. Methinks the person telling the story had more of an issue with it. Maybe Vrabel didn’t wash his hands.

  3. Harbaughs act is old it’s time he gets shown the door. Whenever his team gets beat he acts like a petulant child, and he’s whining about something. Whether it’s a play he’s never seen, and didn’t know how to make the proper adjustment, or a call he disagreed with he’s always whining

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