P.J. Walker to start at quarterback for Panthers

USA Today

Despite reports that Teddy Bridgewater would be active for today’s game against the Lions, the Panthers are going with P.J. Walker as their starter.

Carolina decided at the last minute to go with Walker instead of Bridgewater, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

It’s unclear what transpired at the last minute to make the Panthers go with Walker over Bridgewater. There were reports this morning that Bridgewater had seemed healthy enough in pregame warmups for the Panthers to play him.

Instead it will be Walker as the starter and Will Grier as the backup for the Panthers against the Lions.

3 responses to “P.J. Walker to start at quarterback for Panthers

  1. Two takeaways here – Carolina burned a 3rd on Will Grier. And if the Lions lose Matt Patricia will probably be fired on Monday if those rumors about how he would have been canned last week had they lost to Washington are true. Losing to PJ Walker is worse than even losing to Alex Smith in his first game back from injury. So, two bad teams but the future of one is at stake.

  2. Interesting take, Supercharger, on Will Grier. I remember when he came out of college and before the draft, Charlie Weis repeatedly said on the NFL Network that Grier was the most NFL-ready QB in that year’s draft. I thought the Panthers might have found something there, but I haven’t followed developments there at all. Any additional insights? With the coaching change in Carolina, maybe Grier just isn’t the new coach’s guy. Perhaps a change of scenery would do him good.

  3. So it turns out you can pick up a guy from off the streets and he performs the same as a $21M quarterback

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