Report: Torn ACL feared for Joe Burrow

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow tweeted “see ya next year” after being carted off the field with a left leg injury on Sunday, but neither he nor Bengals head coach Zac Taylor shared any specific information about the nature of his injury.

Confirmation won’t come until further tests have been done, but we now know the initial diagnosis. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Burrow is believed to have a torn ACL.

Tests will confirm that and also show whether or not there was any other damage to his knee. Those findings will help determine Burrow’s recovery timeline.

Ryan Finley took over at quarterback after Burrow went down and the Bengals have Brandon Allen on the practice squad to serve as a backup.

16 responses to “Report: Torn ACL feared for Joe Burrow

  1. Is this like Drew Brees’s “sore ribs” when we find out literally every bone in Burrows leg is destroyed

  2. They should force the owners of the team to sell and move them out of Cincy. It’s absolutely disgraceful to put such a talented upcoming player at QB out there with that offensive line. Furthermore, their offensive gameplan has been for Burrow to throw more passes than anyone else in the league. It was just a matter of time before his leg was shattered. Disgusting.

  3. Keep all the talk about injuries are part of the game. Ownership put a horrible offensive line on the field, failed to protect the single most important asset for this team, and are directly to blame for this injury. Mike Brown and his clown family should be forced to sell this team. As a Bengal fan they can take their Sh*t show on the road to another NFL city when the lease is up here. Second class organization. The Bengals don’t deserve Joe Burrow.

  4. Sorry to See Joe Burrow get Hurt but Part of that is on Pass Happy Zac Taylor RUN THE BALL. The Bengals were one of a number of teams avg over 40 pass plays a game that is Pass attempts + Sacks. You have too many playcallers in the league with no Business calling plays. The Run is working they stop and go pass, pass, pass, The teams running less then 20 times in any game are winning about 20% of the time. Running less then 10 times the Data i have found with a lot of research left to do 1 win. The 2007 Patriots.

  5. Also this is why the Mike Leach Philosophy will never work in the NFL. You get over 60% pass most of the teams in the league that do it get themselves in Trouble. The Air Raid is easly 70% pass Leach throws it 80% or more. Plus half of his team left including a 1300 yard RB who was justified in opting out because he got very few touches on Run plays. Doug Pederson, Scott Turner, Pat Shurmur, Dirk Koetter, even some of the good teams are passing way too much or so called good teams like the Bucs. The Bengals failed to get 20 Rush attempts in the OT game against the Eagles. Even McVey who was very pass happy changed his ways so far this yr for the most part. These so called Offensive Geniuses PANIC and their play calling is truly OFFENSIVE. In thig game in Particular for the Bengals Washington was Top 5 in the league in Pass Defense, Sacked Carson Wentz a ton week 1 and the Eagles were up 17-0 and ended up blowing the game.

  6. myusernameissteve says:
    November 22, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    The Hoodie should make a call to Cincy tonight. Torn ACL and all.


    Why should Belichick call Cinci to see how Joe Burrow is doing?
    What’s their connection?

  7. Phil River’s played on a torn A.C.L. for the Charger’s year’s ago. Burrow is young, tape it up and finish the season. Get surgery in January, rehab in off-season.

  8. There seems to be no mercy in football – players who have integrity and professional skills are injured while the Lames of the league continue to fester. Even Dakota’s injury is distasteful as the fake QB’s in this league continue to linger without matching injuries. But all will equal out.

    I wish Burrow a speedy recovery – there is no doubt he played his best every down and truly was a professional QB – you can’t say that about Lame and Kyle from Cactus land.

  9. I remember after the Bengals’ first game of the season I commented that I felt great about Burrow but if the O-line play continued as is, it would result in a season ending injury for the rookie. I really wish I had been wrong.

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