Ryan Fitzpatrick comeback falls short as Dolphins lose to Broncos

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For a moment, it appeared that Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to resurrect FitzMagic. But he and the Dolphins fell short.

Fitzpatrick, who replaced a struggling Tua Tagovailoa in the fourth quarter today in Denver, marched the Dolphins down the field on one drive to kick a field goal and cut the deficit to 20-13, then marched the Dolphins down the field again in the final minutes. But a Fitzpatrick pass into the end zone was intercepted, and the Broncos held on to win.

It’s unclear whether Fitzpatrick or Tagovailoa will be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins going forward, but either way they now face an uphill climb to the playoffs. This was a game they needed to win, and instead they lost to fall to 6-4 on the season.

The Broncos are 4-6 and out of contention, but they should be commended for putting together a strong performance. Denver’s defense was relentless in sacking Tagovailoa six times, and Melvin Gordon and Philip Lindsay both ran the ball well. It was a solid effort for the Broncos in a game few expected them to win.

16 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick comeback falls short as Dolphins lose to Broncos

  1. I coulda swore the Dolphins where on their way to winning the AFC East? I haven’t watched any of their games, but that’s what the pundits tell me.

  2. Classic Fitztragic. It just has to be an interception that causes a comeback attempt to come up short.

  3. Tagovailoa Is garbage. Nothing impressive about him in his 5 starts
    I hope the Dolphins are not hoping he is the answer.

  4. All the other AFC East teams lost this week. What a huge break for the Bills after a heartbreaker in Arizona

  5. It wouldn’t have been close if Gordon would stop fumbling. This is like his 4th fumble of the year. Phillip Lindsay hasn’t fumbled since his junior year of college.

  6. Horrible play on both sides of the ball for the Fins. The offensive line could not keep Tua clean. The defense made Lock look like Elway.

  7. The Dolphins need to draft a real quarterback in 2021 and stop playing games after 20 years!

  8. Tua never had a chance. The OL was horrible and Tua was under constant pressure. Even Fitzpatrick was pressured a ton. Denver owned both lines of scrimmage. Miami hasn’t been able to practice in 2 weeks as whole units. They looked out of sorts and gassed. Anyone putting this on Tua, especially the one guy who thinks he’s had 5 starts, don’t have a clue…

  9. Everybody wanted to crown tua already, but he struggled in the first game and he struggled in this game as well. Winning puts a bandaid on your problems but he still has a long way to go

  10. The Broncos outplayed the Dolphins in the trenches. They made Tua uncomfortable in the pocket and were able to run the ball successfully and keep their offense two dimensional. The biggest surprise was Brian Flores and his staff losing the coaching competition. The Broncos seemed to have them on their heals guessing most of the game, trying to figure out how they can put their players in position to make plays. The Dolphins need to improve their running game and run defense if they want to be a playoff contender. Congrats to the Broncos.

  11. Flores is adamant…Tua is the QB, until he isn’t. Period! Next question.

    Editorial comment: Thanks Fitztragic! You are nothing if not consistent. What you did today, you did routinely for the Bills.

  12. Awesome team effort! They tried to lose in the end but luckily held on – Thank Goth !! anyway its obvious they need to give Justin Simmons a contract ASAP !! also give one out to Philip Lindsay, who is still their best back, and I think they’ve noticed how much they’ve missed Shelby Harris over the last couple weeks with Covid. Time to give him a contract as well. Fangio did a great job, and even Shurmur finally planned a scheme that fit, and Drew for the final .. 58 minutes of the game played lights out … This is still basically his rookie year, and we knew it would take him a year to learn. (patients). ok .. meanwhile back at the ranch .. everyone out there have a safe and Happy Thanks Giving !!

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