Saints win 24-9 in Taysom Hill’s starting debut

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The Saints did well when Drew Brees was out of the lineup last season and they are off to a good start this season as well.

Taysom Hill ran for two touchdowns and their defense overwhelmed the Falcons in the second half of a 24-9 home win for the Saints. The victory gives them an 8-2 record with a trip to Denver on tap for Week 12.

Hill’s touchdowns both came in the second half and the New Orleans offense looked a lot sharper over the final 30 minutes of the game. Hill ran for 45 yards and completed 9-of-10 passes he threw after the break. That will likely be enough to keep him in the starting lineup for Denver and the run could go on for a while with Drew Brees on injured reserve for at least the next two weeks.

Michael Thomas helped Hill’s cause with nine catches for 104 yards and the Saints hit a couple of deep shots to Emmanuel Sanders, although one of them was called back because of a holding penalty. Alvin Kamara had one of his quieter days with 13 carries for 45 yards, but did add a touchdown to the ledger.

The second half success on offense was mirrored on the other side of the ball. The Falcons managed just 35 yards of offense before the final minute of play and Matt Ryan was sacked four times before throwing an interception to cornerback Janoris Jenkins in the fourth quarter. Cam Jordan had three of the sacks while David Onyeamata and Trey Hendrickson each notched two on a big day for the New Orleans defense.

Atlanta will return to action against the Raiders next weekend, but the loss drops them to 3-7 and makes hopes of a late run into the playoffs awfully slim.

11 responses to “Saints win 24-9 in Taysom Hill’s starting debut

  1. Taysom hill is looking pretty damn good out there. He gets a lot of hate, which I don’t understand. People seem to want him to fail, when he was never touted coming out of college. He had to fight. He was cut, picked up on the waiver wire and fought hard to get where he is.

  2. Waiting for all the Taysom Hill naysayers to show up. Looks like Sean Payton knew what he was doing after all.

  3. Laughing at all the people who said this dude can’t throw the ball. He threw it all over the yard. Accurate, decisive and confident. The Falcons are a bad team, but they’re still an NFL team and he made their defense look like chumps. You can’t ask for more than that considering the situation.

  4. Now that there’s some film on him, the true test ensues. Funny, even if it goes awry, we still have a 5000 yard QB. Sean Payton had some strange calls today but once again showed his worth.

    Considering my username, I am obligated to comment on the gift Field Goal for the Falcons after that laughable call on Jenkins, but I digress.

  5. Awesome! Hill (and peyton) sure proved a lot of doubters wrong. Coach has said this was his vision since he was first aquired from packers. So glad to see coach was good for his word to Taysom. If I were to critique it would be Taysom seemed to hold the ball a little to long in the pocket. Dont know if slow read progression or waiting for recievers to get more separation. Amazing to watch his improvement quarter by quarter, like watching a plant grow in fast forward!

  6. Downvote me all you want, the call was pathetic. The announcers even had to say something. Lol

  7. So will baby boys born in New Orleans in 2021 be named Taysom? All jokes aside, he was solid especially since a lot of people wanted Winston.

  8. So will baby boys born in New Orleans in 2021 be named Taysom? All jokes aside, he was solid especially since a lot of people wanted Winston.

  9. Sean Payton was right about Taysom Hill. I know that ticks off a lot critics prior to the Falcons game and his first start at QB., who said he’s 30 years old and hasn’t thrown enough passes to equal or surpass his age. I’m hearing the sound, crickets!!!

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