Sunday Night Football: Patrick Mahomes rallies Chiefs for a 35-31 win over Raiders

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The Chiefs might be taking a victory lap around Allegiant Stadium after pulling out a 35-31 win over the Raiders in Sunday Night Football.

The Raiders drew the ire of the Chiefs for having their buses circle Arrowhead Stadium as they departed for the airport following a 40-32 victory in Week 5. They nearly pulled off the sweep, scoring a go-ahead touchdown with 1:43 remaining.

But it was too much time for Patrick Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl champions.

The Chiefs scored on a 22-yard pass from Mahomes to Travis Kelce with 28 seconds remaining. It capped off a seven-play, 75-yard drive in only 1:15.

Daniel Sorensen picked off Derek Carr on the Raiders’ first snap after Kelce’s touchdown to assure the Chiefs’ fifth consecutive win.

The Chiefs moved to 9-1, while the Raiders fell to 6-4.

The rivals’ two games, though, were so entertaining as to root for a third meeting between them in the postseason.

Raiders tight end Jason Witten, two plays after he had a false start on first-and-goal from the 1-yard line, caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from Carr on third-and-goal with 1:43 remaining. Witten caught the ball in front of Tanoh Kpassagnon after Carr had all day searching for a target.

The Chiefs had two crucial defensive penalties in the 12-play, 75-yard drive. Chris Jones jumped offsides on third-and-one from the Kansas City 29, and Bashaud Breeland was penalized for defensive pass interference in the end zone on third-and-10 from the Kansas City 23.

Mahomes saved the day for the Chiefs, though.

He was surgical in the game-winning drive, going 6-for-7 for 75 yards as Kelce had two catches for 37 yards and Tyreek Hill two for 19. Mahomes showed why he now is the favorite for the MVP award.

Mahomes finished 34-of-45 for 348 yards with two touchdowns and an interception that denied the Chiefs points before the half. Kelce caught eight passes for 127 yards and the game-winner, while Hill made 11 receptions for 102 yards and a score.

The Chiefs had three rushing touchdowns, two by Clyde Edwards-Helaire and one by Le'Veon Bell.

Carr went 23-of-31 for 275 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

35 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Patrick Mahomes rallies Chiefs for a 35-31 win over Raiders

  1. Just an all around great game.
    Sure bad throw by Derek Carr at the end but he’s been balling.
    Hopefully these two teams go at it one more time later on in Jan.

  2. A post season meeting would actually be amazing. It’s been over 20 years of pure laughter and now we can say the heat is back on with Oakland/LA/Las Vegas or wherever they are in a few years lol

  3. Man that was a tense game. Good job to the Raiders. They are stepping it up and that will only make KC better. A good division makes for better teams.

  4. That was a great game, one of the better ones of the year on sunday night. My Raiders Offense can hang with anyone forsure. The reason we lost this game and have lost the ones we have is because of Guenther and his awful playcalling. On that last drive he let them have all the room in the world to move down field and that last play where no dline contained and Kwiakowski got lost in the zone and let Kelce get open is brutal, and somehow Arden Key is still on the active roster getting 0 pressure.

  5. Good game, in all reality I thought it was going to be a blow out. Raiders defense didn’t get to practice all week, and really missed Joyner who would normally cover Kelce. Andy Reid picked on that all night. Could also tell tonight we missed our 4th overall pick from last years Clellin Ferrell, and this years free agent signee Cory Littleton. Hopefully we get to play the Chiefs in the playoffs , but should have all these guys back along with a healthy o-line of Richie Incognito , and Trent Brown. Gratefully it looks like both teams remained healthy tonight. Mahomes is a beast, but Carr hung with him toe to toe. Great to see Raiders /Chiefs games mean something again. Makes me think of Ben Davidson and Len Dawson.

    Go Raiders!!!!

  6. Raiders had some great flags and non calls go their way as well, especially on their last scoring drive. Blatant intentional grounding and false start being ignored. All things even it was a good game.

  7. Not sure why he proved he is the fav for MVP with a 2TD, 1 int performance. Kelce was WIDE open at the end there. Anyhow, Mahomes should be in the discussion for MVP but I don’t think this proved it is his by any means.

  8. We knew KC was good, and now we know the Raiders earlier win against them was no fluke. Gruden has gotten the Raiders back to where they can go toe to toe with any team. The Raiders offense is just about as good as anyone, and their defense is only about 3 or 4 players away from being a top defense. They can fix that in one off-season. The Silver and Black is back. Whatever may have been said about the game passing Gruden by couldn’t be farther from the truth. Gruden is coaching as well or better than anyone.

  9. Man, I knew kicking that field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 2 or whatever it was would come back to bite us. We also should have burned more time off the clock on our final drive. Still, though, we played the Chiefs exceedingly well for the most part and kept the game very close. We have very little margin for error from here on out, though, if we want to make the playoffs. Go Raiders.

  10. Abrams is awful. A big hit every 3 games somehow has a large percentage of a fan base believing he’s good. Inexcusable to leave he’s zone, allowing a WIDE OPEN Kelce.

  11. One or two plays (if they made one or two more catches – balls were in receivers hands) and the Raiders would have won the game. They simply scored too quickly and left too much time on the clock.

  12. The Witten penalty with just over two minutes to go was a crusher. It kept the clock from being bled, forcing KC to use its last timeout. Which they needed amd used in that last drive.

    Raiders had them. Damn.

  13. Props to the Raiders. They played well.

    The Chiefs D was sloppy and struggled all night. They put absolutely no pressure on Carr at all, gave up far too many yards and the penalties were out of control. Spags needs to get them fixed. They can’t depend on Mahomes and company to bail them out.

  14. A minute and forty three is an eternity for Mahomes. All he needs is 35 seconds to drive down the field and everyone and their babies knew it will be Kelce and Hill all the way. Mahomes is a once in a lifetime talent. Raiders played well but left too much time in the end

  15. Props to the Raiders. If they played as good as they do vs the Chiefs every week they would probably only have one loss on the season.

  16. Mahomes is the NFL MVP right now. If you are going to play him you’d best have a plan to put some heat on him from your defensive rush. 4 won’t do it.

  17. Great game! And the Raiders had some dropped passes in key situations in the second half – if those were caught the outcome likely would’ve gone in their favor.

  18. Man, I knew kicking that field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 2 or whatever it was would come back to bite us. We also should have burned more time off the clock on our final drive. Still, though, we played the Chiefs exceedingly well for the most part and kept the game very close. We have very little margin for error from here on out, though, if we want to make the playoffs. Go Raiders!

  19. Great game for my Raiders. Terrible defense but offense is scoring almost at will. Looking forward to the rest of the games. Should have not plyed prevent at the end, waaaaayyyy to much time for Mahomes!!

  20. So many false comments here. Kwiatkowski was not “lost in the zone”, it was the know it all Abram, who time and time again has shown he is not a very good player. Joyner was not missed at all, because his replacement Lawson played well. Littleton has been the worst FA signing of the season (was torched by Kelce in the first game) and Morrow took his place and actually made one of the very few good defensive plays of the game. The final pass by Carr wasn’t even that bad. Sure it was picked off but had to force one deep because there was very few seconds left in the game, with 75 yards to go. Maybe you get lucky and there’s a flag.

  21. For three years Gruden has been building a team with one goal in mind, beat…the…Chiefs. He now has a team capable of doing it. He knows that in order to get to the SB, the first thing he has to do is get past the Chiefs on a regular basis. They didn’t get it done last night but the Raiders proved that they can do it. Props to the Gruden and the Raiders for a hard fought game.
    Props to the Chiefs for a win on the road against a worthy division opponent.
    Both of these teams are going to be a nightmare for the rest of the league for the rest of the season.

  22. i hope mahomes never loses a game in that vegas stadium. way to start a new chiefs raiders tradition….

  23. I’ve watched many HOF qbs over the decades, but damn, that Mahomes is special!

    Division Rival Fan

  24. Imagine if all the Raiders players had been able to prepare for this game rather than sitting out due to pandemic violations, they may have won!

  25. jjfootball says:
    November 22, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    They let the chiefs offensive line get away with holding in this game!


    Offensive holding and OPIs aren’t being called much this year across the league. But the Chiefs and Raiders both caught a lot of flags and got away with a few last night. Nothing to see there.

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