Tua Tagovailoa out, Ryan Fitzpatrick in

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The Dolphins have made another change at quarterback.

Tua Tagovailoa was benched in the fourth quarter of today’s game, with the Dolphins trailing the Broncos 20-10. Ryan Fitzpatrick went back in.

Tagovailoa had been sacked six times, but it wasn’t clear whether he was injured of if head coach Brian Flores just felt that Fitzpatrick gave the Dolphins a better chance of coming back and winning. Tagovailoa did fall awkwardly on his final sack, but he was standing on the sideline without the medical staff checking on him.

At the time he was benched, Tagovailoa had completed 11 of 20 passes for just 83 yards, and had lost 33 yards on his six sacks.

23 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa out, Ryan Fitzpatrick in

  1. As a Washington fan, I hope Miami is stupid enough to quit on Tua and trade him to Washington

  2. I hope Tua does well, and every QB has bad games. But this is kinda karma on the Dolphins for benching Fitz when they did. He was having such a good year and having the Dolphins in the thick of things, it was dumb to put Tua in. Hope he’s okay, but this is what the Dolphins get.

  3. The NFL have a way of getting very REAL when you are FORCED now to actually do something when the Defense is not giving you a Leg Up from the jump start.

  4. The Dolphins need to draft a real quarterback in 2021 and stop playing games after 20 years!

  5. I’ve watched all of Tua’s games this year and imho he’s Tebow 2.0. He can’t sustain long drives and his long ball is inaccurate. He needs a lot of work to be anything better than Jay Fiedler. I hope I’m wrong.

  6. Both the Pats and Dolphins losing this week would be a (Billy Fuccillo voice) HUGE gift to the Bills to assuage the pain of the hail Murray

  7. They were doing just fine with Fitz. I assumed they were going to let Tua play out the year, good or bad. Now he looks bad in this game and they bench him???
    Terrible move. The kind of move that will affect Tua’s growth and his confidence will be affected. A move terrible organizations make with rookie qbs. Start him (Fitz was winning), bench him, and i bet they will start Tua next week. And on and on.

  8. I said it before the draft, during the draft and after the draft and as a Miami fan, I will say it now. Tua is not the answer… Priod

  9. Herbert & Burrow are, and will be better than Tua. Can’t trust a short QB. Murray will find that out very soon, also.

  10. Miami lost the game in the trenches. Both defensive and offensive lines got pushed around.

  11. Broncos fan here. I think it is too early to give up on Tua. He has shown potential. Today was just not his day. Every qb has one.

  12. If Tua was bench for ineffective play…and not for an injury…

    Its amongst the DUMBEST coaching moves of all time.

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