Bears working through quarterback decision after bye week

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The Bears are getting back to work after a bye week and one of the tasks they’ll be dealing with is figuring out who will start at quarterback against the Packers next Sunday night.

Nick Foles was called day-to-day last week after he hurt his right hip and glute in a Monday night loss to the Vikings, but head coach Matt Nagy said at a Monday press conference that the team is still “working through” who will play in Week 12. Mitchell Trubisky has been inactive the last couple of weeks because of a right shoulder injury.

If one quarterback is healthy and the other isn’t, there won’t be much of a decision for the Bears to make. When speaking to reporters last week, Nagy did not rule out making a switch back to Trubisky if both quarterbacks are healthy.

Trubisky last started in Week 3 and was pulled for Foles in a comeback win over the Falcons. They won two of their first three games with Foles in the lineup, but they’ve lost four straight and only put up 149 yards in their Week 10 loss to the Vikings.

12 responses to “Bears working through quarterback decision after bye week

  1. If I am Mitch, I make it clear that I no longer plan to play for this team. They made their decision and now have to live with it. If I am not part of the future there is no point of me getting hurt and I am about to be a FA.

  2. Isn’t there a young kid somewhere who can start? No use wasting time trotting these two losers out on to the field.

  3. If Mitch is ready to go? Start him. It’s that simple. Foles ain’t a starter. He’s an excellent pinch hitter – that’s all.

  4. I will lose any remains respect I have for Nagy if Nick Foles starts against G.B.
    But knowing my luck, watch him win the damn game.

  5. Trubisky seems like a good guy (but a back-up level QB), yet one hit on that right shoulder and its Foles-time all over again.

  6. Trubisky is human. He’s also a competitor. He’ll want to do his best. He’s committed to this team. He’d love to beat the Packers, are you kidding? He’d never whine about not playing or express a fear for injury. Put him in. Next Man Up.

  7. This isn’t hard. Foles is old and average with no upside. Trubisky is young and average, but there’s still a chance he could develop. Roll with the younger guy and see IF he improves because you KNOW Foles won’t.

    Then GO GET JAMEIS WINSTON in the offseason and let him compete with whomever is left at QB on this roster. Dude makes mistakes, but he gets yards and points, and with this Defense, Chicago can life with the picks.

  8. Insanity is the act of repeating the same steps (and mistakes) and expecting different results. This offense was garbage last year and changed little in the off-season. No surprise: it’s been hot garbage this season. The Bears had a bye week, made some minor adjustments, brought in some washed-up talent for try-outs. The Titanic is sliding underwater. Expecting the haul to instantly repair and resurface is insanity. The Bears will not be a .500 team. They will not make the playoffs. I expect the front office and coaching staff to be gutted after this season. And, given the pandemic, I would not be surprised to see Pagano promoted to HC and, if Denver fires Vic, bringing him back as a DC.

  9. shihtzumum says:
    November 23, 2020 at 4:10 pm
    If Mitch is ready to go? Start him. It’s that simple. Foles ain’t a starter. He’s an excellent pinch hitter – that’s all.

    Mitch isn’t a starter either. He’s a low level backup at best. Start whoever is third on the depth chart to see if you have anything in the organization.

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