Blown leads plague Packers in 2020

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The Packers have built a record of 7-3, which is good. In each of their three losses, the Packers have blown leads of seven or more points. Which is not good.

Against the Buccaneers, a 10-0 lead became a 38-10 blowout loss. Against the Vikings, leads of 7-0 and 14-7 didn’t last. On Sunday against the Colts, leads of 21-7 and 28-14 didn’t hold.

On the surface, it’s a failure of the defense. At a deeper level, the offense also bears blame for it. On Sunday, for example, the Packers opened the second half with a pair of three-and-out drives, allowing the Colts to eventually tie things up at 28.

The end result for the Packers on Sunday was a blown 14-point lead. That rarely happens to the Packers under Aaron Rodgers. At least when they’re not playing the Colts.

As noted by ESPN, Rodgers has a record of 95-2 against all teams other than the Colts, when leading by 14 or more points. Against the Colts, Rodgers is 1-2 when leading by 14 or more points.

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  1. That’s why they play the games. The Packers can certainly not be described as a “second-half” team. Not this year.

  2. It sure looked like the refs were doing everything they could to give Rodgers one more possession at the end of regulation. I lost track of how many holding calls they made against the Colts offensive line in the final two minutes. Not only did the Colts lose several first downs that would of put the game away, all the flags kept stopping the clock so GB didn’t have to burn their time outs.

  3. There were more holding calls on that drive than most entire games. It was ridiculous, but every one of them was highlighted on replay and shown to be legit….so I commend the refs for having the stones to keep calling them when we all know how it looked. It’s not like any of them were phantoms. Want less flags, quit fricken holding.

  4. Speaking for most football fans that don’t think it’s a good idea to wear cheese on their heads seeing Rodgers and the Packers lose is a good thing , lol .

  5. They’ll continue to have problems holding leads until that defense is overhauled. Not sure if it coaching or personnel (or some of both) but they end up with guys embarrassingly out of place far too often. That long Pittman TD in the first quarter pretty much sums up their whole season thus far: Simple crossing pattern but Pittman is left totally alone while 3 defenders chase a different receiver. You’d expect your local high school team would defend it better than that.

  6. Both teams did their best to give the game away. In the end, the Colts just wanted to lose less.

  7. Soft is soft
    Interesting, if soft is losing to the best defense in the league, then what is losing to the cowboys?

  8. Hmm….I wonder how soft one has to be with a record like 4-6?
    Would it be Charmin-Like? 🤔

  9. Tight game. Didn’t get it. You move on.

    Chicago is the focus now.



  10. Everyone talking about the penalties and how legit they were. I agree some were legit, some a bit ticky tat calls. However, the real crime is the lack of holding calls against the Packers. I saw several just that they didn’t call that were the same as they were calling on the Colts! That Hoculi crew should be disciplined and taken off any important game matchups. Let them do Jets games 😁 That crew is awful!

  11. Ridiculous that on the first possession of OT one team needs a TD to win but the other only needs a FG. Time to go to NCAA rules.

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