Cam Newton sidesteps question of whether he wants to stay with Patriots

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Cam Newton has six games left on his one-year deal with the Patriots. Appearing Monday on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show, Newton was asked a simple question: Does he have interest in staying with the team beyond this season?

Newton avoided it.

“Man, I have interest in winning the Arizona Cardinals game,” Newton said, via NBC Sports Boston. “How about that? . . . There are so many things that — I don’t want to even harp, dwell, or even think — as the Bible says, my cup runneth over. Just trying to focus on the near future rather than the far future.”

Sticking around would give Newton an even greater mastery of the offense, an offense he’s still learning.

“I would say so,” Newton said regarding whether he’s comfortable in the offense. “I would say every day for me is another opportunity for me to get better. Do I know everything in this offense? No, I do not.”

He could eventually know everything in the offense, if he returns. But if he stays, he surely won’t take another bargain-basement one-year deal. Newton will want something that better reflects the quarterback market. He’ll also likely have suitors elsewhere, depending on the offseason coaching and quarterback carousel.

16 responses to “Cam Newton sidesteps question of whether he wants to stay with Patriots

  1. I’d like to see him stay. With the likely return of a platoon of holdouts from this year, and a bolstered receiving corps…. NE, with Cam at the helm, would be a tough out.

  2. As a follow up, they should ask him to analyze the Patriots 2015 draft class. This is what the Patriots reporters are focused on.

  3. Why would he stay for the league minimum with a team that doesn’t have a single solitary threat on offense? Big Bill has been using picks on defence so his boy looks good.

  4. It will be pretty interesting in the AFC East if the Jets get Trevor Lawrence.

    Josh Allen is clearly the guy for the Bills, and Tua looks promising for the Dolphins.

    After 20 years of having the best QB in the division by a mile, the Pats may actually have the worst QB situation in the years ahead…

  5. I’d like to see the Patriots get a quarterback who doesn’t constantly throw the ball into the ground,or hold onto it too long. I hope his answer about playing here next year is “no”.

  6. What are realistic destinations, especially if it would be as a starter and not a seat-warmer for a top young QB or backup?
    NE obv with a longer shot at a place like DEN, MIN, PHI, CHI, SF. JAX and the Jete won’t be option because of top 2 picks.

    Did he prove enough on this prove-it deal to get say a 3-year starter contract? Doubtful.

  7. With even remotely decent qb play the Patriots would be at least 6-4. Newton is terrible.



    You should ask why those “easy” throws and “easy” routes are gone now. Cam should have no problem throwing a 5 yards, right?

    You think Rodgers or Peyton would be OK with this squad? you think a QB who throws some spectacular PASSES IN WHICH ONLY WR CAN SEE THE BALLS will be able to do what Brady did with those cheap short slot receivers? Give me a break.

  8. Signing Cam was a clear sign that, given the Covid19 situation, that Belechick I was thinking ahead to next season. BB’s history throughout his coaching career has been pocket passers who main trade in stock was the ability to read defenses and operate a complex pass offense. At this point in Cam’s career it’s obviously not going to be him. He is just an inexpensive place holder that gives the Pats a chance to win some games but, unless BB’s gone senile, not the one expected to get them another SB.

  9. Ummmm… Does he want to stay? He’s had some bad games during the covid scare but that loss was on the defense. Belichick deserves a lot of criticism but people are always afraid to blame him.

  10. Meanwhile, the Bucs, even with a qb who is ancient by NFL standards, are 7-3.

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