Doug Pederson: We have to get it fixed with Carson Wentz

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It’s hard to think of a team that felt less like a division leader through 10 games than the 2020 Eagles, but the standings still show them with a slim advantage over the Cowboys, Giants and Washington Football Team.

Remaining there is going to take a major change in the team’s performance. It won’t be coming via a quarterback change.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he wouldn’t bench Carson Wentz after Sunday’s 22-17 loss to the Browns and he reiterated that position during a Monday appearance on WIP. Wentz had another rough outing in Cleveland and Pederson said he has faith in backup Jalen Hurts, but the coach still believes that the best thing for his team is to stick with Wentz.

“At that position, this late in the season when that happens, sometimes people take that as we are looking into next year or preparing for next season and giving some of these young guys an opportunity to play,” Pederson said. “Jalen is preparing himself each week to play and that’s what a backup quarterback should do. My perspective is we have to get it fixed with Carson Wentz. That’s where my trust and faith lies, we can get it done. That’s where I am at. By no means am I saying that I don’t have trust or faith in Jalen. It’s a matter of getting the corrections done with Carson.”

Pederson probably won’t find many buyers for the notion that Wentz’s issues can be corrected on the fly, but there doesn’t appear to be any other approach on the table in Philadelphia.

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  1. Remember when wentz was losing week after week In 2018 and Everyone blamed everyone except wentz and they said foles wouldn’t fix the problems? Then foles takes over and wins with same team that sucked with the poison wentz

  2. Don’t worry. Wentz will get it all together when he goes against the Packers. They make all quarterbacks look good.

  3. How do you expect to fix it when you won’t bench him? What motivation does he have to improve if there’s no consequences for stinking it up week after week. A 20.2 QBR with five sacks, two INTs and a fumble (luckily not a turnover). Even Lamar Jackson’s numbers aren’t that bad. Hurts can’t be any worse than Wentz. At least he’ll take off and run instead of standing back there waiting to be sacked. I was a big fan of Wentz but he has regressed badly and if Pederson won’t do anything then he will have the entire off-season determining if Wentz will cost him his job.

  4. If your QB is struggling, maybe you should consider having him throw less and invest more in the run game.

    Here is a stark difference. The Winning team QB threw the ball 22 times to Wentz’s 35. the Winning team ran the ball with the RBs 33 times to the Eagles 21. In a close game with a struggling QB, the Browns showed how it is done. Time for the Eagles to follow suit.

  5. Wentz is regressing big time since he was injured. Time for a change at QB coach your job will depend on it.

  6. Remember when everyone laughed at Depodesta (moneyball guy) for saying Wentz wasn’t going to be a top tier QB? Well, look who’s laughing now.

  7. Wentz once showed a lot of promise, now he just shows ineptitude. He looks lost on the field. Time to give Hurts a chance to shake things up.

  8. I won’t pretend to know much about all the problems the Eagles have, I just find it interesting how the media will heavily promote some QBs as more-or-less “sure things” during their rookie seasons, only to have those careers fizzle out down the road. I’m assuming that this is all part of the NFL’s hype machine – they want their product promoted, not criticized, and youth is the future. They always need to find the stars of tomorrow.

    We’ve already seen a ton of hype for Burrow – which will have to be put on hold until next season because of his injury. Remember when Mariota and Winston were touted as stars of the future? They still could be, eventually. Tannehill has shown that a change of scenery can make a huge difference.

    Is Wentz the next one to fizzle out? QBs aren’t easy to find, no matter how much first rounders are hyped before, during and after the draft. The draft, by the way, is also an NFL cottage industry to keep fans interested in the offseason. It’s almost always a crapshoot because the level of play in the NFL is so much higher than in college.

  9. Wentz has no motivation to change. He has the owner’s & management’s ear. He refuses to operate the offense as it is designed. He ignores checkdowns and open receivers CONSTANTLY looking for the big play. He had someone open in nearly every single play but refuses or is unable to see what the design is for the offense. Will Hurts run it any better? I am not convinced that he would, but at this point it is worth it to give him a shot. However, that’s clearly not Pederson’s decision to make. I think that they will fire Pederson at the end of the season. If he makes it that long. This is Wentz’s team for better or worse.

  10. Before “fixing” the QB… Fix the play calling….
    Doug needs to hand off play calling

  11. He hasn’t been the same player since he blew his knee out. This was a bad, bad injury, not the standard 9-month full recovery we’ve come to expect with ACL injuries, but the RG3 injury, that essentially turned him from a promising young star to a backup type. But what complicates manners is that it’s less a physical thing but more the case that Wentz is now mentally lost, overthinking things, has zero confidence, makes bad decisions, and is being done no favors by his OL, WRs, and the coaching staff. I don’t see him turning it around until there’s either a new HC (Pederson is just not reaching him) or a trade.

  12. @Mike624,

    No, trade isn’t the word, because nobody in their right mind would trade for Wentz and his severely overinflated contract. Unless Philly is willing to also agree to give up a lot to trade him, which is unlikely, as they are already in a deep cap deficit for 2021 as of today – they are at a projected negative cap of $64.5 million for 2021.

    Nope, Philly will likely hold onto Wentz until 2022, and then it becomes more feasible to cut him. Wentz has $0 guaranteed money for 2022, and the dead $ for 2022 is $24.5 million, but a post June 1st cap savings 2022 would be $6.7 Million, so it is very likely Wentz is in a Philly uniform until at least 2022. The rest of the NFC East approves!

    Philly really made a horrible decision extending Wentz. He has proven he has a difficult time staying healthy, and when he is healthy, his play is mostly horrendous. Philly should be running away with this weak division, yet their coaching and execution is pathetic. Lots of talent, yet nothing to show for it.

  13. Not saying Wentz played well. But it sure looked to me that the offensive line had a lot to do with it. It basically collapsed in on him again and again. Never seen so many lineman bull rushed right back into the QB. Maybe not all his fault.

  14. Wentz was really good before he was hurt in 2017. Lot of people were talking about being an MVP. Will someone who really knows football please explain.

    Should Frank Reich, who is doing so well in Indy, get more credit for Wentz good play in 2016-17?

  15. Easy, instead of running around or trying to pull a houdini move out of the hat on every play, just do one thing….
    make him sit down (on the bench) and contemplate.

  16. In taking a step back, it’s hard not to wonder if the key to the Eagles’ recent championship was in fact Frank Reich.

  17. Wentz is definitely part of the problem but it’s a team issue. Wentz’s 2nd INT was a jump ball to Jeffery where Jeffery didn’t jump. Jeffery looked like Roethlisberger out there running a route. Slow and out of shape. He wasn’t going to push himself knowing he has 5 more games until he’s bought out. I don’t really know if he could jump if he wanted to.

    They keep trotting Peters out there at left tackle even though he rarely makes it through a half let alone a 10 play series. Mailata should be the starter over Peters.

    Pigeon holing players is a coaching/GM issue. They picked Raeger over Jefferson because they didn’t believe Jefferson could play outside. Wrong! They picked JJAW over Metcalf because he was better at jump balls. Ouch.

    Adjusting schemes, offensive and defensive to players, has long been a problem for the coaches. Players who leave the Eagles as busts tend to have at least decent careers elsewhere.

  18. Wentz has lost all confidence in himself. He’s playing scared and is incapable of making good decisions. Bench him for a half, at least, to pull himself together. I’m so tired of the fragile egos, it’s a game and you’re extremely well compensated.

  19. The eagle’s issues didn’t start with Wentz. It started with bad play calling by Pederson, bad personnel decisions by Pederson, the lack of adjustments being made by Schwartz, the lack of accountability by the entire staff. However, Wentz’ play has certainly been affected. It is impossible to take the beating he has taken over the course of the season and still have trust in the line. It’s impossible to see no receivers getting open play after play and still have trust in those receivers. It’s impossible to see the same predictable game plan week after week and still have faith in your coaches. You want the 2017 version of Wentz ? Give him the tools to succeed. Get a new coaching staff. Overhaul the entire offense from the line to the receivers. 2017 Wentz is in there but he has been failed by this organization. No quarterback in NFL history could be successful in this offense including “ lightning in a bottle Foles “.

  20. The hardest thing for the average eagle’s fan to understand or accept this season is that the fix isn’t possible right now. Bench Carson ? Eagles still have the same defense, offensive line and receivers so with a rookie, they’ll more than likely look much worse. Bench Peters ? While it would likely help, they are still lacking in a lot of other areas. This is an organizational failure that goes much further than Wentz. I’d go so far as to say Wentz has been treated unfairly in this entire ordeal. No quarterback can be successful if they get hit less than 3 seconds after the snap every play. Carson is much better than he’s shown this year and it’s sad to see Philadelphia turn so horribly on him. This is a coaching staff that has failed this season. Carson deserves to show what he’s capable of when he has the support that allows for his success.

  21. When they benched Mailata who looks like a future Pro Bowl type left tackle to put old man washed up Peters back in I was disgusted but now that just seems like par for the course. What in the world is Alshon Jeffrey doing on the team? Why are you showing that kind of loyalty to guys who just can’t perform at this point, over young guys who have more promise, are better now, and are much cheaper? What kind of signal does that send to the team? And they should 100% have benched Wentz during this game. He is playing terribly and making dumb decision after dumb decision that is costing the team points and no one seems to care. Pederson hasn’t lost the team yet, but he is getting close. And they aren’t good enough even if everything is clicking to win out. So what if they win 3 more games to go 6-9-1, is that the standard now?

  22. so in other words the “QB factory” is not working efficiently and effectively…yep got it.

  23. >If your QB is struggling, maybe you should consider having him throw less and invest more in the run game.

    >Here is a stark difference. The Winning team QB threw the ball 22 times to Wentz’s 35. the Winning team ran the ball with the RBs 33 times to the Eagles 21. In a close game with a struggling QB, the Browns showed how it is done. Time for the Eagles to follow suit.

    Too simple, it doesn’t understand the problem at a fundamental level. It assumes all things are equal otherwise which is where the logic falls apart. It presupposes the Eagles offensive line AND the Browns offensive line are equal. Further, it presupposes both offensive schemes are equal as well as contributing parts such as receivers. If all those moving parts WERE equal then yeah, increasing the volume of runs would make a difference. BUT… all those variables AREN’T equal and as such the outcomes won’t be the same just by running the ball 10 more times a game.

  24. The problem with Wentz is his offensive coordinator (Frank Reich) left and the Eagles have no talent.
    The other problem is Wentz is nothing more than an average QB.

  25. Wentz is holding the ball too long, looking at his target too long, and just plain thinking too much. He needs to go back to basics even if that means sitting a game or two. Jalen Hurts may be worse, but at least he is a rookie so there is upside.

  26. jimjets says:
    November 23, 2020 at 10:31 am
    In other words…I shoulda just kept Foles! Foles, I SAY!
    Yeah, because Foles has been lighting it up. Other than that playoff run. Foles has been mediocre at best the past 7 years…

  27. PFTSelectiveCensorship says:
    Yeah, because Foles has been lighting it up. Other than that playoff run. Foles has been mediocre at best the past 7 years…

    Foles played well in the Superbowl run and the playoff run the following year.

  28. If Carson wentz had jerry rice and randy moss and bill Belichick coaching him in their prime he would still be under 500 and have zero playoff wins he can’t even hit a wide open reciever 5 yards away from him . Just look at 2018 the eagles coming off a super bowl that NICK FOLES won were 5-6 with wentz vs easiest part of schedule than Nick foles takes over and vs hardest part of schedule wins all the remaining games of the regular season and gets team to playoffs and wins in playoffs

  29. Wentz leads the nfl in holding the ball longer than 3 seconds so the oline is not the problem and he leads the bloc in off target throws receivers are wide open all game so play calling is excellent . Eagles are 12-2 without wentz for a reason

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