If Colin Kaepernick’s phone doesn’t ring now, it never will (and it won’t)

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The Bengals have lost quarterback Joe Burrow for the rest of the season (and potentially into 2021), leaving them with Ryan Finley and Brandon Allen as the two options at the position.

Then there’s Colin Kaepernick. Remember him? He’s the guy who was shunned by the NFL as of 2017. He’s the guy who raised concerns about police interactions with minority men and women. He’s the guy who many realized had been vindicated after the public execution of George Floyd.

Kaepernick is the guy who, as of this posting, has his name trending on Twitter.

Remember when there was a sense that he’d finally get back in the league? Remember those strange reports that teams were thinking about doing it, even though they never actually talked about it directly with Kaepernick or his agent?

It was an effort to run out the clock, and it worked. The already-obvious strategy to ultimately avoid Kaepernick becomes even more blatant if/when (when) the Bengals fail to call Kaepernick.

There’s no point saying it should happen, because it won’t happen. It won’t. I’ve been called many things (some of which can actually be printed here), but at my core I’m a realist.

Kaepernick won’t be contacted. Kaepernick won’t be offered a chance to work out for the Bengals. Kaepernick won’t be offered a contract for the minimum salary for the balance of the year.

It just won’t happen. The ship has sailed. The lights are out. The party is over. The book is closed. Many other cliches could be used to convey the idea that it’s just done.

Kaepernick’s relationship with the NFL has been relegated to the dustbin of history. And history, frankly, will not look kindly on those who kept Kaepernick out of the NFL (they know who they are), and those who aided and abetted the process (they know who they are, too) by spreading false narratives aimed at justifying the failure and refusal to ever entertain offering him a job.

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  1. Even if you accept Kaepernick is an upgrade over Finley at this point, why would the Bengals sign him when they aren’t in a position to compete?

  2. Also he’s been out of football for four seasons and wasn’t doing well when he was playing. I can’t really blame the Bungles for taking their chances with Ryan Finley.

    But yeah bum deal for Kaepernick. I’m glad Mark Geragos got him a fat settlement.

  3. Even if he could still play (remember he was benched in SF for Blaine Gabbert), there is no way in hell he would play for the minimum. He told the AAF he wouldn’t play for less than $20 million. We need to stop bringing up his name every time a QB gets hurt like he could come in and save the team. He was on his way out the last time he played and it’s not like he is getting better with age.

  4. Do we really need to go over all the reasons again as to why this guy isn’t in the league? The last time we saw Kaep with a helmet on, his skills had eroded to a low point after a three year decline. His inability to evolve his game away from just an RPO QB to a competent pocket passer exposed him as a one trick pony. Could he come in and help a team win a game or two? Possibly. But that’s a decision for each business [team] to decide for themselves. It’s not for the media to make that call. And when the final chapter of this story is written, it’ll read better for the pro Kaepernick crowd if Kaepernick plays a martyr all the way to the end.

  5. Spoiler alert: They won’t.
    Sure the Bengals have a couple of winnable games left (NFC East), but what good does that do them? A slightly worse draft pick to improve the offensive line? Drafting high and not needing a QB is one of the best positions to be in in the NFL.
    This is of course even assuming that Kap is an upgrade over Finley. That’s not a guarantee.

  6. im all for giving him another chance, I just dont get why the bengals would do it? theyre too cheap to field a competitive team but theyre gonna give kaepernick 20m (prorated obv for what season is left) to start for them when theyre season is effectively over?

  7. He was not very good and a headache 3 years ago, now he’s terrible and a migraine, not worth the phone call.

  8. Everyone needs to give up on Kap. It has nothing to do with his reputation or with the circus he would bring to any team he goes to, but the fact he hasn’t played for 4 seasons would make me shy away from him. Also, the whole fiasco he caused when the NFL did try to set up a try out and he blew it off to prove a point…it’s just another strike against him.

  9. I could care less about the political stuff, Kaepernick hasn’t played a DOWN of football in almost FIVE years.

  10. If you are a realist, you know he is out of the league because he is more trouble than he is worth. He seriously regressed as a QB and was replaced with Gabbert. He doesn’t want to play, because the chance of him failing is so high that it would damage his status as a victim of the big bad NFL, and not because he is a well below average QB who isn’t worth the baggage.

  11. Four years removed from the game screams volumes. Kaepernick had his chance with the Raven’s his girlfriend blew it, end of story.

  12. I remember teams thinking of bringing him on and then he rescheduled his workout and tried to make a media circus out of the whole thing. If I was an owner I wouldn’t even give him a thought.

  13. I am all down with him getting a chance. However, he needed to take a chance…and play.
    PJ Walker played yesterday, yes he is familiar with Matt Rhule’s offense but he went somewhere, played, got the call and answered it.

  14. Definitely not worth 20 million a year and every team in the league knows that. This guy is not serious about playing football and that is why he refused to show up for his preferentially arranged tryout last year.

  15. Kaepernick does not want to play. The NFL set-up a workout for him to display his abilities. Most of the teams sent out scouts and representatives to evaluate him. He changed the venue to a place 45 minutes away just before it was to start, so he could play the victim. This guy loves to play the victim card. That is not the leader you are looking for at QB. Any player who wants to play would have gone to the fields where the 30 scouts were, not hold a workout where only three scouts were at, and then complain about being treated unfairly. NO ONE WANTS KAEPERNICK DRAMA! NO ONE!

  16. It’s late November and Kaepernick has been away from the game for over 3 years. You know where Kap would be a good fit? The Minnesota Vikings. Cousins is struggling and Kap would give the Vikings a spark needed for a late season playoff run. Could save Zimmer’s job. C’mon – go get him!!

  17. Been said here but why would a 2 win team, spend 10-20MM on a QB who is a 6 week solution? Burrow is their future and they have nothing to play for. Just doesn’t make sense. Now if a contending team with a sub-par backup lost a starting QB, then this would at least be a conversation, then you can get into whether he can play, will he cause distractions, etc…

  18. The Bengals are going to need a new stadium within the next 7 to 10 years. The fan base is jumping ship like it’s the Titanic. If they sign Kaepernick, they might as well just start looking for a different city to set up shop in.

  19. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when he was last a starting QB. What makes anyone think that being away from the game for as long as he has make him more accurate? Also, he can protest whatever he wants. Just not during the National Anthem.

  20. Skills were already declining last time he played over 4 years ago and he’s guaranteed to be a distraction to the locker room. Why would he get a call?

  21. I can’t wait until he is old enough to not even be viable, that even the idiots who keep bringing him up will drop it. That is what it will take to not hear about a non issue and a QB who is not good enough to be a starter or a backup at this point while wanting to be paid as a starter. I guess he has not been in the news for a while so he popped up with his video to try and stay relevant.

  22. In what decade are you zealots going to stop with the Kap this or Kap that. He was a one trick pony that got benched. Then suddenly got all woke. He hasn’t wanted to play anything but ” Poor pitiful me ” since. He works for Nike selling shoes made by slave labor in China. Now there’s a story. Follow up on that !!!

  23. I’d love to see a re-cap and timeline of the whole Kap saga. Personally I don’t recall Kap coming out at the beginning and saying he was kneeling in protest of how black men and women were being treated by police. Did he come right out and say that from day one? Or did he hem-haw around the subject without giving an answer when first asked? Did he finally come out and say it after someone suggested that or was there more depth to it? I honestly don’t recall and think a timeline recap would be beneficial to us all. My recollection is that he never said anything to anyone until a few weeks after it started and I honestly don’t recall what he said when he first started speaking of it. But, since this topic is such taboo I doubt this comment will make it through the PFT censors.

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