Jon Gruden: Derek Carr was “almost flawless”

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr threw an interception on his last pass in Sunday night’s loss to the Chiefs, but before that he had an excellent game.

Carr completed 23 of 31 passes for 275 yards, with three touchdowns and no sacks and only that one interception, and afterward Raiders coach Jon Gruden heaped praise on his quarterback.

“[Carr] played tremendous tonight,” Gruden said, via the Las Vegas Sun. “He played almost flawless.”

Carr knew he played well and also knew it wasn’t enough with Patrick Mahomes on the opposite sideline.

“It stings man,” Carr said. “Today it just wasn’t enough and it’s so unfortunate. . . . It just sucks it came down to something like that.”

For the Chiefs and the Raiders, it came down to Mahomes making one more play than Carr.

12 responses to “Jon Gruden: Derek Carr was “almost flawless”

  1. Neither team had much defense, it came down to whoever had the ball last… which was the chiefs. Last time it was the Raiders. These two teams are quite evenly matched with KC’s schedule hitting the hard part and LV’s hitting the soft part, which means this division is still not decided, although KC does have 3 more wins. They will meet again and KC now has a healthy respect for this Raiders team that nearly pulled off a season sweep and is dangerous enough that no team in the AFC wants to play them come playoff time.
    As has been said, the NFL is better when the Raiders are good and that day has apparently arrived it – like it or not!

  2. I dont feel Carr has ever played well against Kc and was over hyped until this year. The last two games he was amazing to the point I refused to believe it was him the first time but outside of three throws two of which could have been caught. He picked the Chiefs apart. No throw was even closely contested by the Chiefs. He was really seeing it last night until the end.

  3. Meh, you’ll get used to it.

    It’s called: Getting Elwayed

    Chiefs fans know what that’s all about.

  4. Neither team had much defense, it came down to whoever had the ball last… which was the chiefs.

    Wrong, Raiders had the ball last.

  5. Carr really did play great. He’s a great quarterback. Problem was the defense got no pressure (neither defense did really), and coverage suffers because of that. Although I’m disappointed the Raiders lost, that really was an entertaining game and I’m proud of how they played. They need to win the games they’re supposed to from this point out, and they should get a playoff spot.

  6. I’ll give credit where it’s due, he played great up until…well, the last pass. Neither defense played great, but it always seems like Sorenson comes up when you need him most out of nowhere. Probably the most underrated member of the Chiefs D.

  7. When I saw how much time we left the Chiefs after our final TD, I knew we were in trouble.
    As someone else pointed out, whoever had the ball last was going to win most likely. Very close loss notwithstanding, we are now evenly matched with the Chiefs, whether they like it or not. Go Raiders!

  8. raiders split and almost took both. no reason at all to be down. play big games in a big way youll go far.
    see you in the playoffs.

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