Ravens’ Brandon Williams will quarantine after contact with Ingram, Dobbins

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Ravens running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mark Ingram have tested positive for COVID-19, and nose tackle Brandon Williams will have to quarantine for five days because of close contact with them.

Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said today that Williams is the only player who will be designated as a close contact with Dobbins and Ingram.

Dobbins, Ingram and Williams will all miss the Thanksgiving night game against the Steelers, but Harbaugh said the game is still on and the Ravens are beginning their preparations.

Harbaugh said he does not expect the Ravens to significantly change their offensive game plan and that running backs Gus Edwards and Justice Hill will get the carries that would ordinarily go to Dobbins and Ingram.

Williams missed Sunday’s game with an ankle injury and it’s unclear whether he would have played against the Steelers anyway.

9 responses to “Ravens’ Brandon Williams will quarantine after contact with Ingram, Dobbins

  1. Dobbins will be missed. Williams probably wasn’t playing and Ingram was losing snaps to Dobbins. Glad this didn’t go any further. Now all the homers can stop suggesting these were fake tests to get out of the game on Thursday. The defense is going to have to step up. Hope they remember how to tackle before Thursday.

  2. Dobbins played in the game yesterday. How did they determine that nobody else was in close contact when he surely was blocking people yesterday and he was tacked by others and was in a huddle? Is that not close contact?

  3. The season is not lost. We’re 6-4 with one really tough game left, the Steelers. The rest of the games are all winnable and hopefully we can recover from all the injuries and prepare for the post season.

  4. Coming soon to future posts…..more excuses from Ravens fans about why they are in 3rd place in the AFC North. I didn’t hear them complaining when other teams had injuries (like when the Steelers lost Big Ben last year).

    Looks like Lamar Jackson is going to need to put the team on his back. In other words, they’re doomed.

  5. More Ravens fans whining about injuries. Not having players like Williams & Jimmy Smith etc doesn’t make your defense forget to tackle. Your overrated QB does not take accountability. Plus, wow Lamar you are a real tough guy putting a shoulder in Butler’s chin. Grow up.

  6. Lamar Jackson is the most overrated QB in league history. He will be known as RG4 in a year or two.

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