Report: MRI shows Joe Burrow’s knee injury is even worse than believed

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow knew immediately that he had suffered a serious knee injury on Sunday, tweeting right away that his season was over. But the injury was reportedly even worse than believed.

An MRI today showed more damage than the Bengals’ medical staff anticipated, Adam Schefter of ESPN. That includes a torn ACL, torn MCL and other structural issues in his knee.

Burrow will have reconstructive surgery, and it’s unclear whether he’ll be ready to go in nine months, when the 2021 regular season is getting started.

In an otherwise bad year for the Bengals, Burrow has shown promise, and having the franchise quarterback in place was the one thing Bengals fans could feel optimistic about. Now Bengals fans have to be concerned about Burrow’s future.

60 responses to “Report: MRI shows Joe Burrow’s knee injury is even worse than believed

  1. This is why I’ll never argue w my kid if he decides to give up football. Right now he’s that dude. Will prob play D1 ball. Kid is gifted and works hard everyday at it, But if he stopped tomorrow I’d honestly probably be a tad relieved.

  2. They should force the owner of the team to sell and move them out of Cincy. It’s absolutely disgraceful to put such a talented upcoming player at QB out there with that offensive line.

    Furthermore, their offensive gameplan has been for Burrow to throw more passes than anyone else in the league. It was just a matter of time before his leg was shattered. Disgusting.

  3. Bummer of news for the young fellow. Hopefully, he is able to come back to full strength & use of the knee. Probably a lot longer rehab than 9 months, but hopefully, he is able to come back and confine to develop into quality starting QB.

  4. Sometimes you must sit on an asset until it matures and is surrounded by other assets that can protect protect it. This is EXACTLY what should never have happened to the Bengals. This season was going to be messed up no matter what because of circumstances being what they are. I just hope he can return to 100% after such a devastating injury. Look what happened to RG III. He was never the same after he got all tore up in the wheels. I wish Joe only the best.

  5. Dreadful news, hope he makes a full recovery and is not rushed back. Memory immediately goes back to Greg Cook, and I hope this won’t be something similar.

  6. Who gives these comments thumbs down? He’s a kid who just suffered a huge impact injury that derailed an absolutely terrific season for an otherwise mostly awful team at the start of a rebuild. Literally the only reason worth watching this team for.

    Truly hope Joe recovers fully and this O-line gets some major, major, major upgrades.

    2020 can now be put out to pasture, thanks.

  7. As a Ravens fan I hate to see this. Really liked watching him play and had just picked him up for my Fantasy team. Raven’s TE, Nick Boyle, just had a similar injury – with the replay making it look severe.

  8. That’s a tough injury to rehab from. A devastating knee injury can be a career ended for sure.

  9. Similar thing will happen to Tua if the Dolphins o-line continues to play like yesterday.

  10. I’m rooting for you Joe. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and tremendous talent. I’m praying that you make a full recovery and be competition for my Ravens for years to come.

  11. Terrible news for a cursed franchise, Mike Brown is the worst owner in sports.Get well soon Joe!! Great kid and even better for the fans of the NFL

  12. Another Carson Palmer situation. These fools in the NFL need to understand that offensive lines matter. No protection is risking a short shelf life for your QB talent.

  13. The Bengals ruined his career? So did the Steelers “ruin” Ben’s career with all his injuries? Some people are galactically stupid.

  14. Bleep around and find out – basically the Bengals approach by not doing anything meaningful to improve the line upon getting a 15-year franchise quarterback.

  15. That’s tough for a kid that appeared to be a gamer. Tough getting drafted by a bad team. If you want a QB, build an OLine 1rst

  16. Year 1: select QB high in the draft and start him immediately
    Year 2: draft OL to protect said QB

    Why is this the model of bad teams?

  17. Supercharged… Burrow is guaranteed 36 million dollars.. He will be set for life even if he never plays another down of football. I don’t know anyone that would not be willing to go through rehab of an ACL/MCL tear for $36 million.

  18. Here’s to a complete recovery,for as long as it takes. I’m kind of surprised that this didn’t happen sooner. He’s been beaten up every game,and they had him passing too much,with poor protection.

  19. if he is smart, he will not come back to this team unless they get a complete NFL QUALITY coaching staff. there is nothing they can do about it, he has 36 million guaranteed. all he has to say is he is not ready to play medically.
    be smart young man and force them to act like an nfl franchise or sell.

  20. Teams that draft a QB within the top 5 NFL draft spots should be MANDATED to use their next 2 picks on offensive lineman. Burrow is going to be great but HC had him throwing 40 times a game behind a CRap OL. THE NFL predicated on great QBS and they just ruined one.

  21. Awful news, but I have to say that if Tua can come back from the horrific injury he suffered last season, the docs should be able to work wonders for Burrow. We’ve all seen athletes recover and thrive after devastating injuries that would’ve ended their careers 10 years ago.

    Hoping Burrow can come back stronger than ever.

  22. Ugh, that’s just horrible. Reminds me of Teddy Bridgewater, I hope it’s not that bad.

    It’s nothing like Teddy’s injury. They were literally planning his amputation on the way to the hospital for him. His wasn’t even from contact. Just dropped back in practice and knee exploded

  23. I’m not a Bengals fan so I don’t have a hunt in this dog, but man I really feel sorry for this kid especially if it ends his career. At least he has some cash in da bank.

  24. As an LSU fan, I really sorry he had to go to the Bungles. Heard too many unflattering things about Mike Brown.

  25. Vikes fans know all to well about injuries like this. Get well kid and I hope as well as all us NFL fans to see you on the field again. Damn I just hate stories like this.

  26. orivar says:
    November 23, 2020 at 3:07 pm
    Another Carson Palmer situation. These fools in the NFL need to understand that offensive lines matter. No protection is risking a short shelf life for your QB talent.
    Carson had a really good offensive line for most of his Cincinnati career. No one could have predicted Kimo would crawl into his knee on that play. A cheap shot can’t be prevented.

  27. This organization doesn’t deserve him! Worst O line in the game last year and they drafted ZERO lineman! Pathetic

  28. Or as J.J. Watt calls it, “just another day at the office”. I’m sure he’ll make it back next season.

  29. Everyone told this kid to avoid the Bengals. But noooooo….They were in his home state & close to his hometown. A decision made more with his heart than his head. Now he’s likely to miss an entire season. I hope he bounces back strong.

  30. The team should of changed the game plan. The Bengals were not in the playoff picture but had him throwing the ball 50 times a game.
    Should of kept him from so much exposure and tried to protect him some for next year.

  31. Im sorry to bring this up, but……The team has a very very weak OL. Why did the team / coach insist on having his Rookie QB throw the ball on average of about 55 times / game with such a porous unit. He had a quality RB……could have easily transitioned his young Rookie QB with run heavy offense this 1st year? Am I the only one that wants to tell the HC that he got exactly what he asked for?

  32. I saw a fan say this was a freak accident and not the fault of bad offensive line play. Maybe but these kind of hits happen with people always around the legs of QBs with bad offensive lines.

    Joe Burrow took the most hits of any QB in the NFL. All it takes is one bad one in the pocket.

  33. Zack Taylor should be fired immediately. Not just because he has a 4-21-1 record as a head coach, but because he calls 60 passes a game behind that horrible offensive line and didn’t protect his kid. He was placing saving his career over the health of his star rookie QB. The Bengals simply do not deserve to have the rights to this kids career. If I was Joe Burrow I force my way out of this dumpster of an organization.

  34. At long last there where no thumbs down. Joe will be back next year. I give him a thumb up for doing the best he could. Bill

  35. This is going to happen to Tua if Miami does not shore up the OL themselves.
    Shame because Joe is the real deal and deserved to be the 1st pick.
    Being a Miami fan I am not so sure Miami made the right choice in Tua. Perhaps Herbert would of been better. Time will tell.

  36. Sure hate to see ANYONE get hurt…. wish him a full recovery…. he’s got a lot of rehab in front of him…. seems like a decent kid… things like this happen, it’s a violent sport….Tough break for Bengals franchise & fans but I’m pretty sure that with today’s doctors & knowledge on how to treat this type of injury he’ll be back at it wearing a brace like Brady did…. Once again, sorry to see this happen & wish him the very best, from a life long Pats fan!!!

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