Steelers move toward 16-0, and no one seems to care

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The Pittsburgh Steelers has won their first 10 games for the first time in franchise history. They remain eligible to become the third team in the Super Bowl era to win every regular-season game.

So why does the possibility of another perfect regular season continue to not capture the imagination of fans and media?

If the Patriots were 10-0 with the same remaining schedule (Ravens, WFT, at Bills, at Bengals, Colts, at Browns), the “will they run the table?” question would be leading every radio and TV show in the English-speaking world and beyond. With the Steelers, no one cares.

There are three main reasons for it. First, they’re not consistently blowing teams out. Only three wins ended with margins of more than 10 points. Five of the victories were one-score games. They’re not dominant, in the same way that the 2007 Patriots were.

The Patriots had a long list of blowouts. At Jets, 38-14. Chargers? Another 38-14. Bills, 38-7. Patriots 34, Bengals 13. 34-17 over the Browns. 48-27 over the Cowboys. 49 Patriots, 28 Dolphins. Patriots 52, Washington 7.

The only close game from the first 10 came against Peyton Manning and the Colts, a 24-20 win. The tenth was an old-school romp over Buffalo, 56-10.

Things got closer after that. A 31-28 win over Philly, a memorable 27-24 Monday night squeaker at Baltimore.

The Steelers talked tough but lost big to New England, 34-13. Safety Anthony Smith actually guaranteed a Pittsburgh win. That virtually guaranteed the Pittsburgh loss, and quarterback Tom Brady had choice words for Smith after the game was no longer in doubt.

I don’t care to repeat what I said, especially if my mother reads it,” Brady said after the game. “She wouldn’t be very happy.”

The Jets shot their shot, losing 20-10. Down went the Dolphins (again) 28-7. And then perfection arrived with the memorable 38-35 Saturday night special, a game that laid the foundation for the eventual loss to the Giants in an Arizona rematch.

Second, many still regard the 9-1 Chiefs as the best team in the league, and they believe that the Chiefs would beat the Steelers if they cross paths. It’s that simple, and the theory can’t be tested until January, if/when they meet in the playoffs.

Third, the Steelers lack a true offensive superstar player who captures the imagination of fans and media. There’s no Patrick Mahomes or Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson. It’s all very systematic, without flash. The Steelers have a bunch of very-good-to-great players, but no one that makes for must-see TV. At least not yet.

And yet still they keep winning. As they keep winning, the games will get no easier. And it’s still more likely than not that they’ll eventually lose.

For now, though, the Steelers remain on track for perfection. Even if not nearly enough people notice, or care.

32 responses to “Steelers move toward 16-0, and no one seems to care

  1. This season will forever have an asterisk so it doesn’t matter if the champion had a perfect record or a losing record.

  2. Once in a great while a Pats fans says something logical…..give me a second I have to mark the date. Steelers haven’t reached their peak , but I have to agree with a previous commenter KC is in a different league. They can be had but 9 of 10 times they would be the Steelers.

  3. Why should anyone care? There’s 6 weeks left. And even so, the Patriots proved that a 16-0 season is a punchline if you can’t finish with a championship.

  4. The Steelers will not go undefeated; it’s not like they are blowing out the competition every game.

    A couple of close games they survived against bad teams.

  5. When they’re 15-0, it’s becomes legitimate hype for that next Sunday. ‘Til then, there are several good teams ahead of them and other things to talk about.

  6. Words of advice for the Steelers….It is better to lose now than in the playoffs!!! Stay humble Steeler nation stay humble!

  7. All that matters in every single game of every sport but golf is that you score more points than your opponent. Whether you win by 1 or by 30 it results in the same win. Nobody has been 10-0 since 2015 so the rarity of it itself makes it impressive. Especially in a season like this and in a league with such parity. And you have to play to win.

  8. Because they have a history of choking in the playoffs. They’re going to have to run it out for people to believe it’s possible, which is probably a good thing for them that it won’t be expected if they do pull it off.

  9. personallyfoul says:
    November 23, 2020 at 4:30 pm
    When they’re 15-0, it’s becomes legitimate hype for that next Sunday. ‘Til then, there are several good teams ahead of them and other things to talk about.

    At 10-0, there are no teams ahead of them and only 1 just behind them.

  10. That’s because it’s the same story but a different season. Look at what happened to the 18-0 Patriots, 15-1 Packers, 14-2 Rams, and last season’s Ravens. The Steelers have benefitted from a soft schedule, and they have yet to play teams like the Chiefs, Bills, and Colts. Some say the AFC is better than the NFC, but the truth is that the entire league is watered down. There are only three teams worth talking about right now. No one outside Pittsburgh trusts Big Ben.

  11. It’s great!! I don’t think the Steelers players care what everybody else cares either. Just keep the team under the radar.

  12. Ben is playing better this year than 2 years ago when he threw for over 5,000 yards with 34 TDS. He has one of the youngest receiver cores in the NFL too.

  13. As Ben said the other day after the Jags game when asked, they do not care at all about going 16-0. It is all about winning the Super Bowl. Enough said.

  14. What offensive superstar did the Miami Dolphins have? Griese? Ben is better. Paul Warfield? Most receivers on the Steelers are as good. Csonka? Kiick? None were superstars. They just got the job done.

  15. First ballot hof qb posting the best season of his hof career with 24 tds to 5 ints. Interesting! They go 16-0 and he finishes with 40 tds to 8 ints, he is the MVP period.

  16. hjjf says:
    This season will forever have an asterisk so it doesn’t matter if the champion had a perfect record or a losing record.
    Somebody’s team isn’t having a good year

  17. Steelers fan and I’m not that excited. Soft schedule, they do nothing poorly but nothing really well, and it feels like they’re an injury away from being bad.

  18. Agree 100% with Ben’s own admission. Not about being 16-0 at all. Simply does not matter to go 16-0, for any team. Ever.

    Only one thing matters in this league – and only one goal, for everyone. Every season. Without fail.

    Win the super bowl. If your team does not achieve this – your season was a failed season.

    – Simple

  19. It’s been enjoyable watching Steelers games. I’ve never been able to see them win this many in a row. I just look at it as a bonus every week they win. It’s fun to watch the 5 spread offense that is so hard to defend and the plus 11 turnover defense and dominant special teams. Remember folks at the start of the season all of the trolls and media said there was no way the Steelers take the division. So it’s obvious the ones saying they aren’t that good, have already been proven wrong. What a fun season. I wonder if anyone else in the division has called their season fun?

  20. Because the Steelers are only concerned with the Stairway to Seven. A perfect regular season isn’t important

  21. I love the comments by experts here claiming they have had a soft schedule considering they have beaten the Ravens and Titans on the road when both teams were a combined 10-1 at the time. And speaking of soft schedules, let me inform the generation that doesn’t know anything older than last month, no schedule was softer than what the ‘72 Dolphins faced. And let’s not forget they came within a fake punt of losing to the up and coming Steelers in the AFC championship.

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