Tua Tagovailoa on benching: Whatever’s best for the team

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The Dolphins saw their five-game winning streak come to an end in Denver on Sunday and the focus of the postgame discussion for Miami was head coach Brian Flores’ decision to bench quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Flores pulled the first-round pick and turned to former starter Ryan Fitzpatrick in hopes of sparking the team in the second half. Fitzpatrick led the team to a field goal, but a late interception meant he couldn’t get Miami any closer before all was said and done.

In his postgame press conference, Tagovailoa said he was all for doing whatever Flores felt was best for the team.

“My thoughts were whatever was going to be best for the team,” Tagovailoa said. “When I was in, we couldn’t really get things going and Coach felt like it was the best decision to put Fitz in to give us a spark. When I heard that — it’s really what’s best for the team. If we were to win with Fitz in there, the locker room would be a lot different and everyone would be a lot happier. It just sucks to lose.”

Flores said after the game that Tagovailoa will start against the Jets in Week 12 and Fitzpatrick said it is “very clear that this is Tua’s team” despite the bad outcome against the Broncos.

9 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa on benching: Whatever’s best for the team

  1. Glad to see the guy wasn’t hurt on that sack. It looked like his leg was in an awkward position when he got tackled.

  2. The Dolphins need a more potent running game, their running back situation is poor at best. Without a running game Tua was a consistent target (6 or more sacks) the O-line was porous to say the least. Give Tua a running game and the protection he needs he will be a consistent winner for the Dolphins.

    Flores has them moving in the right directions and I trust his decisions concerning the team. He is absolutely without a doubt the best of the Belicheat coaching tree and the best the Fins have had since Don Shula!

  3. Just my opinion but they missed an opportunity for a quality running back when they passed on AJ Dobbins last draft.

  4. The Dolphins were totally unprepared for this game both on offense and defense, offensive line was atrocious!

    Tua needs more time, Fitztragic int was a terrible pass!

  5. Miami will be drafting a QB with one of their two first round picks. The Texans winning yesterday hurt a bit as Miami owns Houston’s pick. Flores has done a good job, but letting talent like Minkah Fitzpatrick go and not doing anything about their running game is inexcusable. They could have drafted Swift or Dobbins. He gave Kenyan Drake away also. You can’t count on special teams and defense touchdowns every week.

  6. The Jets will be looking for their first win of the season and the Dolphins look like prime targets right now. If not for great performances from the Defense & ST vs Arizona and LA, the Dolphins might have only won one under Tagovailoa. Right now at this moment in time Fitzpatrick gives the Dolphins the best chance to win now. TT is likely the future, but he’s not ready and Flores might be throwing him under the bus with his development by forcing him in there. I guess examples like Rosen are far from the memories of Coaches around the league.

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