Aaron Rodgers: Death threats to Marquez Valdez-Scantling “extremely unnecessary”

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On Sunday, Packers receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling received social-media death threats after a key fumble cost his team a game. On Tuesday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers defended his teammate.

I would say that’s extremely unnecessary,” Rodgers said of the death threats, during an appearance on The Jim Rome Show. “I understand the rooting interests in the game and how important it is to so many people, and it’s really important to us, too. But I think that’s very unnecessary. I’m sorry he had to go through that. I’m sure if I was checking social media, I’m sure there would be plenty of games where that happened to me.”

It’s more than extremely unnecessary. It’s extremely illegal. Statements that if made in person or in writing would trigger prosecution often are met with a shrug when they’re made in a tweet. It shouldn’t be that way; dating back to early 2012, when 49ers receiver Kyle Williams received death threats after multiple miscues in the NFC Championship loss to the Giants, those who make those threats should face criminal charges.

“My advice to our guys would be to maybe put down the social media, whether it’s coming off a great game or coming off a game where you made a mistake,” Rodgers said.

Apart from that not being realistic, it also keeps the player from being aware of the threats. Most presume that death threats aren’t credible, that anyone who would intend serious harm on another would simply commit it without advance warning. That doesn’t make the threat anything other than what it is — a violation of the law, aimed at terrorizing the person who receives it.

Social media has become a cesspool because decent, civilized persons have allowed it to become a cesspool. When a line is crossed into comments that don’t find refuge in the First Amendment, action should be taken.

70 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Death threats to Marquez Valdez-Scantling “extremely unnecessary”

  1. Threatening a guy over a play in a GAME. Just a small example of why we are in the shape we are in. Some people have lost all grip on reality.

  2. This is one of the rare times Aaron and I agree on something. Only garbage people take part in this type of behavior.

  3. I think if you feel the need to make a death threat to a player because your team lost, it’s time to evaluate your life because it’s sorely lacking.

  4. The diva is high fiving himself after a big catch on social media and crying for help when things do go your way….get over it.

  5. I would be all for prosecuting more of these clowns. It is indeed illegal.

    I also would be for prosecuting a singular stalker/troll that spends the majority of his life here.

    It is time to stop all forms of harassment and terrorizing of people.

  6. Social media has transformed from an information platform into a weapon to attack and marginalize those whose ideas differ from those of the poster. It allows a small group of people to intimidate those who are afraid to speak up for themselves for fear of being attacked. Freedom of speech is no longer free, it is subject to the cancel culture that seeks to drown out ideas that don’t fit its agenda. One only need to look at college campuses to see the reality of this. Sadly America is losing its identity as the land of the free and the home of the brave…

  7. This is only going to happen more with legalized gambling. Bet most of those threats were from people who lost money.

  8. Bestfan base in the NFL!

    It’s not a grand leap to think they probably threaten refs as well. The lack of holding calls makes more sense by the day…

  9. Anyone who makes any type of threat to an individual because their sports team lost needs to seek mental health support immediately.

  10. Ironic that MVS had the two biggest plays of the game that allowed the Packers to get to overtime in the first place: the 50 yard PI before the end of the half and the 40+ yard catch at the end of regulation to keep the drive alive. Both of which lead to touchdowns.

  11. No one should receive death threats but you also eont have to use social media. Ill never understand why people think other people care about what they ate or think. But, i guess that makes me lucky.

  12. On a serious note, those people should be prosecuted.

    On a light note, try being a Bengals fan if you think being a Packers one is that bad.

  13. Hopefully it is just a harmless loser that hides behind his keyboard. And in the spirit of the holidays I’m going to hope this person finds some healthy perspective and moves past their current warped way of dealing with disappointment.

  14. People are Crazy. When Dee Ford cost my Chiefs a trip to the super bowl, I never heard about him getting any death threats.

  15. I think people who post threatening messages anywhere on social media should be arrested and charged accordingly. I’m a professional troll I’ll admit it. Sometimes I truly enjoy posting the most outrageous comments just to get a reaction out of people, but if you’re threatening someone’s safety that’s crossing the line

  16. CEO’s of social media outlets have a scary history when it comes to determining what THEY want to allow…

  17. Thank God that Aaron Rodgers is here to tell us giving football players death threats is unnecessary. Would have never figured that out on my own.

  18. If your making death threats to pro athletes it’s because, your way too invested or you bet way too much on the game. Both have to do with you and nobody else

  19. “Bo Darville says:
    November 24, 2020 at 5:36 pm
    Thank God that Aaron Rodgers is here to tell us giving football players death threats is unnecessary. Would have never figured that out on my own.”

    Clue for you, clueless: It is called “leadership” and “support for your fellow teammate and friend”. Neither of which you have any idea about. Someone really failed to teach you basic comprehension. smh

  20. Maybe it’s time to end social media. It’s not used for what it was intended to do.

  21. Next time anyone is tempted to send anything nasty on social media just think of what your grandfather might have done. There would have been a natural cooling off period and chances are the message never would have been sent after cutting out and pasting all those letters from newspapers and magazines.

  22. How many death threats have been made against President Trump? “Millions”? How many were made against Obama, Bush, et al? Millions. Freedom of speech. When you are a public personality, generic thoughts in the public square are just par for the course. It really only gets dangerous when money is on the line.

  23. Get off social media!!! Nothing has changed in the history of mankind. Trust me…50 years ago when a guy dropped the game winning catch a few hundred morons wished that guy would die…but no one ever heard about it. The only thing that has changed is that now these morons can post their drunken rants on Twitter/IG/etc. and talentless, overwrought media types can make a big deal about it. You (and they) are the problem!

    And for the guy that wants to criminally prosecute this type of behavior…you are no better than the idiots that post this nonsense…get a grip, and some perspective!

    Gotta give Rodgers credit though…his is a measured response that doesn’t delve into insipid hyperbole for the sake of fake outrage.

  24. Death threats are in my “Overreaction” bucket in terms of things to do when your favourite team loses. “Beating Wife”, “Kicking Dog”, “Hurting Kids”, “Breaking Home Furnishings” and “Binge Drinking” all filed under verboten as well. A few cuss words are okay….prioritize people.

  25. Unfortunately, social media is a complete cesspool that leave athletes accessible to cowards and misfits that have wagered too much on the game or are simply too invested emotionally.
    It is indeed very sad.

    And though I really don’t believe much of this is really credible or dangerous, I’m all for prosecuting these idiots.
    I’ve been thrilled to see so many of MVS’s teammates and the rest of Packer Nation rally behind this young man.
    Redemption awaits.

  26. Extremely unnecessary. One would think he could stick up for his teammate using a bit stronger language.

  27. Well when you see some of the comments in different articles of commenters hoping for players to get hurt or injured it’s just another sick step in the same direction.

  28. The Jime Rome show is still around? Jeez, boring interviews with irrelevant players/coaches/golfers and long commercial breaks is what people like? Wow.

  29. upnorthvikesfan says:
    November 24, 2020 at 6:47 pm
    Is anyone really shocked by Packer fans doing something like that??


    Every fan base has their morons. That being said, the threat could be from a degenerate gambler as opposed to a fan but it’s beyond sick and disgusting no matter what. Happy thanksgiving all, even Vikings fans. I feel extra sorry for them around the holidays.

  30. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Just look at how mad all those people got at Ray Finkle for missing that kick in the SuperBowl!!

  31. “Extremely Unnecessary” Ice cream is unnecessary Rodgers. A death threat is sick and twisted.

  32. Find them and charge them, and if they can’t establish a crime, ban them from social media.

  33. upnorthvikesfan says:
    November 24, 2020 at 6:47 pm
    Is anyone really shocked by Packer fans doing something like that??

    I’m only shocked someone actually thinks he knows all and sees all. That’s pretty arrogant…….even for a Viking fan.

  34. Well said on everyone’s part, I mean it’s a game people, get a grip on reality.

    Be part of the solution Florio, get rid of ‘down voting.’ It’s unnecessary and only brings out negativity at a time where we don’t need anymore.

  35. Was it death threats (“I am going to kill you”) or jerk behavior (“I hope you get COVID and die”)?

  36. I know I’m in the minority. Just don’t do “social media’. Kinda an oxymoron Jetting tired of reading comment lately. And for all of you who say well don’t read. I don”t anymore. Thou most on this sight are civil.

  37. ariani1985 says:
    November 24, 2020 at 4:47 pm
    The diva is high fiving himself after a big catch on social media and crying for help when things do go your way….get over it.
    When the investigation begins start with this guy!

  38. NFL players are the best football players in the world. Some idiot loses his shirt gambling and wants to play tough.

  39. Let dumb people speak freely. It’s good that they out themselves, it’s not bad that they out themselves.

  40. Bo Darville says:
    November 24, 2020 at 5:36 pm
    Thank God that Aaron Rodgers is here to tell us giving football players death threats is unnecessary. Would have never figured that out on my own.

    47 54 Rate This
    Considering there are people making the actual threats, I guess that means there are people who can’t figure it out on their own. Stop being ignorant 🙄

  41. A lot of money went in on the Packers, I think the threats were from gamblers not Packer fans , degenenerate gamblers aren’t loyal to anything but money.

  42. I remember when Twitter first hit the scene the big draw was how famous people had access to the their fans or the people. My first thought is why would you want that. I wouldn’t wish fame on anyone but I will never understanding wanting the opinions of the masses.

  43. I loved Twitter, and to a much lesser extent, Facebook.

    But I am much happier after deleting them both.

    Too many people who have nothing better in their lives than to try to disrupt someone else’s, in complete anonymity. It’s childish, it’s cowardly, and in this case, it needs to be criminal.

  44. Probably some dumb teenager who doesn’t know what is important and what isn’t. At least I hope that’s the case. Either way…a moron.

  45. I remember the great Tom Landry having to wear a bulletproof vest on the sidelines due to a death threat. Quite pathetic.

  46. Packers fan here. Rodgers and Florio are right. My god people, it’s just a game. Prosecute these bozos before this type of thing escalates, someone is emboldened to take action, and we end up with another Andres Escobar situation.

  47. “My advice to our guys would be to maybe put down the social media, whether it’s coming off a great game or coming off a game where you made a mistake,” Rodgers said.

    — Best advice ever. It all goes back to staying as emotionally neutral as possible. Don’t get too lost in the highs nor in the lows over the course of a season.

  48. It’s funny that all the above comments assume the threats come from random gamblers but not once is the possibility mentioned that some of the threats could have arisen from disgruntled Green Bay fans.

  49. This type of garbage didn’t start happening really until Fantasy became so large.

    It’s both great and terrible for the game. It builds it up among super casual fans, but turns big time fans into near terrorists at times. Where they truly feel like the “own” the player. I’m not going to be at all surprised when a player is killed when they take a knee or run out of bounds and cost some big bettor millions in a Super Bowl or something.

    It’s happened several times in soccer when players have cost their teams World Cups or League Championships.

  50. Where was Rodgers when ty Montgomery was getting death threats? Oh that’s right he was caught cursing ty out behind his back on camera. So stayed silent back then

  51. These things should be taken seriously, but it puts law enforcement in an impossible position. Are there resources to investigate every threat made on social media? Also – it’s easy to dismiss these things until something awful happens.

    Celebrities and public figures have been killed by “fans” many times in the past. Rare, but it’s happened.

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