COVID-19 interrupts college football’s longest series

USA Today Sports

Wisconsin and Minnesota have played every year. For 113 years. This year, they won’t play.

Via, Saturday’s game between Minnesota and Wisconsin has been canceled, after Minnesota paused all team activities in response to COVID-19 cases in the program.

The game, which decides the possessor of the Paul Bunyan Trophy, will be ruled a no contest, and it won’t be rescheduled.

The two schools met every year from 1907 through 2019. It’s the third cancellation of the season for Wisconsin.

It’s just the latest twist in an unpredictable college season that has seen plenty of canceled games. In contract, the NFL has made it through 11 full weeks with all games played.

Things will get no easier in the aftermath of Thanksgiving, as millions disregard a CDC recommendation to not travel for the holiday.