NFL moves Bills-Broncos, Panthers-Packers to Saturday in Week 15

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When the 2020 schedule was released, the NFL announced that up to three games would be played in Week 15 on Saturday, December 19, but did not say which games they would be. Now we know: Bills at Broncos and Panthers at Packers.

The Bills-Broncos game will kick off at 4:30 p.m. ET and the Panthers-Packers game starts at 8:15. Both games air on NFL Network.

The league decided to play only two games on Saturday in Week 15, although the schedule permitted for up to three games to be moved into Saturday. The other games that could have been moved to Saturday were Lions-Titans, Jets-Rams and Texans-Colts, and the league apparently decided that none of those was worthy of its own time slot.

Up to three more games can be moved to Saturday, December 26 in Week 16. Those games are expected to be finalized next week.

5 responses to “NFL moves Bills-Broncos, Panthers-Packers to Saturday in Week 15

  1. Love it! Lambeau under the lights in late December. Now just praying they let a few people in for this game and I can get my hands on tickets. Wisconsinites are covered head to toe with scarves and gloves anyway – its basically a hazmat suit.

  2. Should’ve moved the Lions-Titans as well since they could move 3. Seems pointless not to showcase 1 more game when they had another decent game.

  3. As long as they don’t move the Packers also in week 16, I am ok with the week 15 game on Saturday nite. They had already TBD the game when the schedule came out.


  4. fluiddarkness says:
    November 24, 2020 at 3:22 pm
    I love me some Saturday NFL games but I don’t love that they’re on NFL Network.

    This. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t Saturday games every week. Thursday night seems rather random.

    Also NFL network sounds great but I’m not paying $80 for cable for one station. Bring games back to the big networks, especially Monday night football.

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