Olivier Vernon: Browns have a playoff mindset

USA Today

Browns defensive end Olivier Vernon agreed to a pay cut before the season, and the way this year is going has both teams glad they were able to reach an agreement.

Vernon is feeling good about the Browns’ chances of making the playoffs, and on Sunday, with Myles Garrett out, Vernon stepped up in a big way with three sacks.

“I saw this team had a lot of potential. How everything unfolded last year, it didn’t really go our way,” Vernon said of wanting to stay in Cleveland, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “We had too much talent, and we wasted last year. One thing that is hard to do is get a win, and the next hardest thing is get into the playoffs. I think my mindset and everybody else in this organization’s mindset right now is to get into the playoffs and trying to make something. Just have to get into the tournament.”

The Browns haven’t made the playoffs since 2002, but they’re now 7-3 and have a good chance of getting in. Especially if Vernon can keep playing like he did on Sunday.