Steelers can clinch playoff berth this week

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In the final weeks of the regular season, the NFL issues weekly updates on playoff scenarios to keep people apprised of who can get into the postseason and how they can do it.

The first of those updates came on Tuesday. The Steelers are 10-0 and they could book one of the seven AFC postseason berths this week.

If the Steelers beat the Ravens, they will sew up a playoff spot as long as the Raiders and Dolphins lose their games. They would also get in if one team wins and the other ties, but they’d have to wait at least a week in the unlikely event both of the other teams tie their games.

A win over the Ravens would eliminate Baltimore’s chances of winning the AFC North whether the Steelers clinch a playoff berth or not.

5 responses to “Steelers can clinch playoff berth this week

  1. why are they playing Army or Navy this week?, really soft schedule will catch up with them in the playoffs where the cream rises to the top.

  2. Steelers have 3 quality wins: Cleveland, Tennessee, and Baltimore.

    KC has 3 quality wins: Baltimore, Buffalo, and Las Vegas.

    Buffalo has 3 quality Wins LA Rams, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

    Tennessee has 2 quality wins: Buffalo and Baltimore.

    Indy has 2 quality wins: Tennessee and Green Bay.

    Cleveland has 1 quality win: Indy.

    Steelers have a weak schedule, say the uninformed? The AFC North will likely send 3 teams to the playoffs!

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