Deshaun Watson playing great football in a lost year for the Texans

Getty Images

The Texans are such a bad team, having such a disappointing season, that it would be easy to overlook how well quarterback Deshaun Watson is playing.

But Watson’s outstanding season should not be overlooked. He’s playing some of his best football.

Watson is averaging 8.5 yards per pass, a career high. His completion rate of 68.9 percent is a career high. His passer rating of 108.6 is a career high.

Watson is on pace to pass for 4,613 yards and 32 touchdowns, both of which would be career highs.

Watson hasn’t thrown an interception since October 11, and if he throws at least 30 passes without an interception against the Lions on Thanksgiving, he’ll become just the third quarterback in NFL history to have six consecutive games with 30 pass attempts and no interceptions. And Watson hasn’t lost a fumble all year.

Watson is doing all this despite losing his best receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, in a head-scratching offseason trade. That trade raised questions about whether the Texans are building a roster that can win with Watson. But there’s no question that the Texans have the right quarterback in place.