Ravens-Steelers game moves to Sunday

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The best game of the three to be played on Thanksgiving will now not be played on Thanksgiving.

The NFL has announced that Thursday night’s Ravens-Steelers game has been moved to Sunday, due to the COVID-19 outbreak with which the Ravens have been dealing.

Game time and network are to be determined. The game will be played on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night presumably isn’t an option for the game because the Ravens host the Cowboys next Thursday night.

If it’s played then. Things could continue to get worse, making Ravens-Steelers the fist game of a potential Week 18

For now, all that’s known with certainty is that, for the first time since 2005, the NFL won’t have a prime-time game on Thanksgiving.


33 responses to “Ravens-Steelers game moves to Sunday

  1. Wait a minute… the 49ers had a breakout and were forced to bring people off the street but yet, these teams are able to adjust? How do you make these decisions?

  2. “Things could continue to get worse, making Ravens-Steelers the fist game…”

    The way 2020 has been going, I’m afraid to ask what that means…

  3. Steelers follow the protocol–stay clean…and get it stuck to them again. Ravens get a gift ‘bye’ before week eight–then don’t have to play on their regularly scheduled short week.

  4. The Raiders defense couldn’t practice in the week leading up to the chiefs game but they still had to play, and the Raiders are the only team to lose a draft pick the league definitely plays favorites!

  5. Good. The only Thursday games played all season should be 12:30 & 4:30 on Thanksgiving. And the night game should be a big college football game. The quality of play and safety of players suffers otherwise. Unfortunately its all about the money so they won’t.

  6. Seems like the Ravens did this on purpose. So the Titians & Ravens got players with COVID & the Steelers are the ones who keep having to move their schedule around. Smh Now the Steelers don’t get their mini bye week after not really having a bye week.

  7. As a Steelers fan, I am OK with this. Missing some players is not good, but a total lack of an opportunity for the Ravens to practice would seem to be unfair. Hope the game comes off on Sunday, though.

  8. What a load of crap. The NFL did nothing when the Niners had a false positive which put 4 prominent players in quarantine. It’s almost like the NFL has an agenda…

  9. Nice of the league to give the Ravens a break here. Wonder why they did not extend the same courtesy when the 49ers played the packers with their own COVID outbreak (which was a result of false positive test).

  10. The best of the 3 Turkey Day games is ALWAYS the night game. They need to change the format of this somehow. I don’t mind Dallas so much because they tend to field decent teams every once in a while. But Detroit getting this game is pure BS.

  11. “If it’s played then. Things could continue to get worse, making Ravens-Steelers the fist game of a potential Week 18″… first not fist

  12. Must be awesome to be a 49’ers fan seeing this. Think the whiniest coach in the NFL had anything to do with this…? Utter BS.

  13. The league is doing all that they can to shift the Steelers schedule and help out the opposing team. It won’t work. We do not care.

  14. Wait, so the 49ers were without a bunch of players but no thought of moving the game. Now, the Ravens are without a bunch of players and game moved? Huh?

  15. Why not punish the players for not following the protocol?. Ravens should have
    to forfeit.

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