Ravens-Steelers stays on NBC, moves to Sunday afternoon at 1:15

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The Ravens-Steelers game originally scheduled for Thanksgiving night has moved to Sunday afternoon, with a 1:15 p.m. ET kickoff on NBC.

The game, which was postponed because of several COVID-19 cases among Ravens players and staff, had been slated for prime time, as part of NBC’s Sunday Night Football package. Instead NBC will air it on Sunday afternoon, meaning games will air on NBC, FOX and CBS simultaneously in most markets.

NBC will show Bears-Packers on Sunday night in prime time, as previously scheduled.

The NFL has had to juggle its schedule several times this season because of the COVID-19 pandemic but has so far managed to avoid having to cancel any games.

12 responses to “Ravens-Steelers stays on NBC, moves to Sunday afternoon at 1:15

  1. this was the smart move!

    Because noone in the NY Market wants to watch the Giants or the Jets 1pm anymore

  2. It’s too bad the ravens organization ruined a prime time thanksgiving game because 2 of their players need to be babysitted. Geez!

  3. I guess it comes down to what organization is involved!? Why wasn’t the Raiders afforded the same? And this ISN’T a conspiracy theory! The unfairness is sickening!

  4. It’s bad when one team pays a penalty because another team didn’t protect itself. The league should give the Steelers the Ravens sixth round draft pick.

  5. NFL showed once more the inconsistent call they continue to make every week not only on players but actions toward certain teams

  6. What a crock, lets pick and choose who we move forward to play wqhen they test positive, who we fine, and who we take draft picks from . Total bs.

  7. xbam the big deal is the steelers have now lost both of there bye’s, as there orignal bye week was like week 7, but they had that taken away, and week 4 wasn’t a bye week, because they prepared to play the titans all week and then at the last minute the nfl says game postponed, so week 4 wasn’t a bye and then here, they were supposed to have a mini-bye because it was a thursday game, as again they have had no rest since the start of the season

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