Dolphins are not too worried about Tua Tagovailoa’s thumb

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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa landed on Wednesday’s injury report, but there doesn’t appear to be much concern about his status for Sunday.

Tagovailoa jammed his left thumb on a helmet during practice and any injury to a quarterback’s throwing hand is one that catches attention, but Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said at his Thursday morning press conference that the team doesn’t think it will be a major issue for the first-round pick.

“He got banged up a little bit,” Flores said, via Safid Deen of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “He’s a tough kid. He’s going to do everything he can from a treatment standpoint. We’ll see. I don’t think this is something we’re too worried about. . . . He’s better today. We’ll see how it goes.”

The Dolphins will turn to Ryan Fitzpatrick if Tagovailoa isn’t able to play against the Jets, but that doesn’t look like it is in the cards at this point.

6 responses to “Dolphins are not too worried about Tua Tagovailoa’s thumb

  1. Wow, starting to look like maybe the Dolphins took the wrong quarterback in the draft. Herbert looks like the next Marino.

  2. Teams need 2 QB’s. One needs to be your starter and that’s key. I’m looking at this kid and think he’s great. At the same time if I’m Grier I’m looking at the upcoming draft to see what’s there and also what it might take to get that kid from Clemson. Maybe something could be worked out there. If not I’m not sold on Tua as my #1 long term future @ QB. Maybe.. I just don’t like living in a world of Maybe.

  3. Nobody knows if TUA is long term or not. The facts are he hasn’t thrown an int and is 3-1 thus far with an average o-line. They also haven’t opened up the long plays for him yet. Definitely a work in progress but lots of positives. Must be patient. We’ve waited way too long to be premature.

  4. haywoodjablomee says:
    November 26, 2020 at 9:14 am
    Wow, starting to look like maybe the Dolphins took the wrong quarterback in the draft. Herbert looks like the next Marino.

    Lol 4 nfl starts, barely a year removed from a career threatening injury is a totally rational time frame to make a decision like that. I think you’re right we’ve seen enough. Probably should just cut him now and give Herbert a bust in Canton.

  5. To be fair it is only 4 games. Problem is there are many “buts” that can be said. 1. After 3 Qtrs last week he threw for less than 85 yards and zero TD’s. After 3 starts that’s not exactly progress. 2. When their D-line (Chubb) pressured him to run he couldn’t out run him.
    3. He’s already hurt his foot and now his thumb. I get it that can happen but he’s also making dumb decisions like taking a guy downfield after a turnover. Not once but 2 times I saw and both very hard tackles that could have put him out for weeks if not the season. 4. By the middle of the 3rd last week he looked so confused by their defense it was like he forgot how to play QB. I’ve more but it’s not like he’s terrible. He needs more work for sure but with that I’m just not convinced he’s Francise QB Material.

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