Lamar Jackson tests positive for COVID-19

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The NFL’s reigning Most Valuable Player has tested positive for COVID-19.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has tested positive, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Jackson is the most prominent NFL player yet to test positive for the virus. The Ravens have had a major outbreak within their team, causing their game against the Steelers that had been scheduled for tonight to be postponed.

At the moment, Ravens-Steelers is set for Sunday afternoon. With Jackson out, Robert Griffin III would be expected to start at quarterback for the Ravens. But whether the Ravens are able to field a team remains to be seen. The pandemic is raging across America, and positive tests are increasing around the NFL just as they are around the country.

34 responses to “Lamar Jackson tests positive for COVID-19

  1. I’m sure the NFL will postpone the game again just so that the Ravens have a full team to play.

  2. Harbaugh has been one of the worst at keeping his “mask” on, especially when yelling at the officials. Apparently he doesn’t think they can hear him with it up. Ravens should have to forfeit this game

  3. With Jackson out, Robert Griffin III would be expected to start at quarterback for the Ravens. But whether the Ravens are able to field a team remains to be seen
    They better have to play. The Niners had to put in their 3rd string towel boys to field a team against the Packers. Fair is fair.

  4. I mean, does the other team really want the Ravens to play and risk the spread? Or do they just accept a cancellation / forfeit?

  5. As a Ravens fan I hope that unnamed “strength and conditioning coach” is fired. This is getting ridiculous.

  6. So why is this unnamed staff member not fired yet for breaking protocols and causing an outbreak that has your QB inactive?

  7. Raiders were forced to play with backups on defense, NE had to play a game without Cam, let’s see if Roger holds Baltimore to the same standard.

  8. Don’t count the Ravens out just yet against the Steelers. Robert Griffin III is 1-2 against the Steelers in his career, but based on how off Jackson has played this year, he’s due for a big game. He’s rested, and there’s no pressure at all because everyone thinks he’s awful.

  9. Ravens are now officially the WORST run franchise in sports. Browns you can now give the Trophy back. Freaking Pathetic!

  10. The NFL needs to overturn the theft of the Raiders 6th round draft pick. At this rate, there won’t even be a draft. If the league treated all teams the same, Baltimore and Tennessee wouldn’t even be drafting. And it’s only going to get worse. You can’t toy around with the competitive balance of the league.

  11. Yeah, if the Ravens don’t lose a draft pick at least for this then how can they take the Raiders pick. Harbaugh likes to whine and complain about everything. The NFL should give him a reason to whine by taking a pick and making them forfeit. It wasn’t fair that the Raiders and Niners had to play short-handed and not make the Ravens do the same. It’s not fair for the Steelers either. They might be better without Lamar anyway.

  12. “You can forfeit the game, or you can forfeit your 3rd round pick and play with your backups.”

    Hammer ’em.

  13. The Raiders are the only repeat offenders after having been warned and fined the first time. Big difference.

  14. 8oneanddones says:
    November 26, 2020 at 10:59 pm
    Does NBC get their money back for losing the prime game slot of the year?
    doubt it. they either said on one of the games or i read it on this site (or somewhere else i have memory issues) that nbc is still broadcasting the game. i know its strange and not primetime but theyll still be getting it.

  15. Ravens should either have to play or forfeit the game. It makes no sense to postpone it again which would make it a week 18 and then making it a 8 team playoffs. Because not only would that make the all-important #1 seed meaningless as they would then lose their wild card bye. But making it a 8 team playoff would benefit the team that is the reason the NFL is having to deal with this, because they decided to break protocol.

  16. I love the Ravens fans in here calling for firing the strength guy. If I’m one of them, I may prefer RGIII in there than Captain Cough-it-up Jackson.

  17. Can see Steelers slacking off in this game and possibly losing it. Just as likely they’ll turn on the juice and win by 20. That’s what makes this one of the most interesting games of the weekend (even if Lamar isn’t playing)…..

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