Matthew Stafford on Matt Patricia’s job status: “It’s not my decision”

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As storm clouds gather around the Lions, who were embarrassed twice only four days apart, questions swirl regarding the status of third-year coach Matt Patricia. After Thursday’s 41-25 loss to the Texans, Patricia’s job security became a common topic during post-game press conferences.

Two of the players made available were asked whether Patricia should remain in place. Both punted on the question in lieu of making the case for continuity.

“It’s not my decision,” quarterback Matthew Stafford said. “That’s for somebody else. If you want to ask me about the game, you ask me about the game.”

Tight end T.J. Hockenson provided a similar response, although not nearly as blunt and jarring as Stafford’s.

“Obviously, I can’t say,” Hockenson said. “I’m not going to comment on somebody else’s job. I’m just here to do mine, obviously. Matt Patricia gave me a chance to come into this organization. So, for that, I owe him. Obviously, that’s up to the front office — all that other stuff. You guys can talk about that, but he’s still my head coach. He’s still my head coach. If he’s not, he’s still the guy that gave me an opportunity to be a Detroit Lion. So, for that, I’ll forever be grateful.”

Patricia, predictably, was asked whether he’ll be the coach for the team’s next game.

“I focus on one day at a time,” Patricia said. “That hasn’t changed. So, we’ll focus on today and go from there.”

He also was asked what falling to 4-7 means to his job security.

“My thoughts are really just with the team here today and what we were trying to do here today,” he said. “It doesn’t go beyond that, it’s what I focus on. I focus on the team. I focus on those guys that go out on that field, those guys that our in that locker room and try to give them everything I can to give them a chance to go be successful. That’s the focus. It never changes, it is what it is.”

“I don’t think outside of that, I don’t worry outside of that other than just trying to do the best job I can every day to help everybody be successful and try to get our team going. So, other than that, we play pretty short term and are pretty focused on the task at hand. So that’s kind of where we stay with it.”

Through nearly three full seasons, things haven’t worked for the Lions. If change is coming, it could go all the way up the ladder to G.M. Bob Quinn, who fired Jim Caldwell after two seasons in order to hire Patricia.

Together, Quinn and Patricia have tried to bring the Patriot Way to Michigan. Despite the intentions, the results aren’t there. The fact that a key player like Stafford isn’t banging on the table for Patricia to stay won’t do much to keep a change from happening, if that’s what ownership currently is contemplating.

25 responses to “Matthew Stafford on Matt Patricia’s job status: “It’s not my decision”

  1. Patricia has been a train wreck as a head coach after taking over a 9-7 team from Caldwell. Sometimes great assistants (like he and Josh McDaniel) do not make even average head coaches. Detroit should fire him NOW.

  2. I thought Patricia would be a good for but apparently I was wrong. Stafford’s time should be up too. Boggles the mind why he’s still there. Heard Wentz may be available 🙂

  3. Not a real strong endorsement for their coach.

    Also, what’s with the pencil behind the ear! I have never seen him with a piece of paper… so he wears a pencil as a fashion accessory.

  4. I’ll admit, I don’t watch many Lions games. However, the times that I have watched them, and maybe I’m wrong, Patricia looks like he couldn’t care less if they win or lose.

  5. I can see him back with BB next season or with Flores in Miami as DC or LB coach or something similar.
    He is just not HC material

  6. The lions had a good hc with Caldwell. I have no idea why they got rid of him in the first place. The lions have regressed tremendously. They were a good football team just a couple years ago.

  7. TB12 is the reason for the Patriots success. You can’t duplicate him and no the current version isn’t the one who made the Pats successful. Not fair to judge his career based on his performance now. It’s only a part of it.

  8. Players passing the buck, when it is their fault. Matt Patricia is a WINNER. Stafford is a LOSER, a stat collector. I believe in Matt Patricia!!

  9. Together, Quinn and Patricia have tried to bring the Patriot Way to Michigan.
    That’s the problem. They emphasized character and ‘their guys’ over ability and gave away Diggs, Slay, and Tate. Those were losses that hurt. Then they compiund the issue signing a lot of Patriot cast-offs forgetting Bill knows to get rid of a player one season before they lose a step.

  10. Patricia is a fantastic head coach. The Jets opening next year will be perfect for him, and he can bring in Mike McCarthy and Mike Nolan as his offensive and defensive coordinators.

  11. If Matt Patricia were so somehow stick around and draft Trevor Lawrence, we’ll soon forget about these dark days and we’ll eventually be calling him a genius. Laugh, but it’s true. Maybe it’s more appropriate to cry because it’s true.

  12. Stafford is on his way out the door too. Not sure why his answer to the matty P question matters. I was a Stafford supporter for years but at this point he needs to go. Not blaming him but he’s broken and shows zero fire. The Lions ruin everyone eventually. Sell the team, Fire rod wood, fire Bob Quinn, fire Matt P and trade or cut Stafford. It’s easier to stomach being terrible when you expect it. Much harder to deal with when you expect to be better but are still terrible.

  13. Bob Quinn needs to go. He valued players being good at being versatile over being good players. Now they’re paying the price!

  14. Obviously Patricia needs to go and because I like Stafford and Kelly likes California, how about the forty-niners?

  15. I hope they fire Patricia on Friday. I wonder if he’ll criticize any reporters for slouching when he has to tell anyone he’s been canned.

    It’s a reasonable guess that Stafford and Patricia don’t get along. Patricia has been trashing Stafford through a back channel in Detroit. Lions fans know who’s been doing his dirty work. That rumor of Stafford going to play for the Chargers was his way of saying he doesn’t like Patricia. Just like Slay and Quandre Diggs didn’t like Patricia.

    If Patricia still has a job on Tuesday, the Ford family should be required to sell the team.

  16. If we are going by Matt Millen rules, the Lions only need a few more seasons to see if Patricia is a good fit and up to the job.

  17. You have to feel for Stafford, he has had 1 good coach in 12 years for a period of 4 years, and he made the most of it getting to the playoffs twice and 3 winning seasons.

    Problem is Lions gonna Lion, and they got rid of said coach who, even players who left, never had a bad word to say about this coach and was universally liked.

    Stafford never stood a chance really. Imagine what he coulda done if he had an Andy Reid, or Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Sean Payton or even Ron Rivera as a coach? As I say, poor guy never stood a chance

  18. Sheila Ford Hemp said she will review the situation after the season, and made it quite clear at the start of the season that anything short of making the playoffs was not acceptable.

    They will be fired, just after the season. Finally, an owner as good as their word, something the Lions haven’t had in quite some time.

    Plus, sacking a coach ( and hopefully GM too ) midseason, even a bad one, never really accomplishes much anyway

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