Texans take halftime lead over Lions

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It hasn’t been the prettiest half of football, but it’s been another encouraging game for Deshaun Watson and the Texans.

Watson has 141 passing yards and two touchdowns, plus another 26 yards rushing, as the Texans have a 23-14 lead over the Lions at halftime.

The sloppy half of football has seen four turnovers, and it’s obvious to anyone watching that the NFL has not put its best football on the air this Thanksgiving. But the Texans have looked a lot closer to competent than the Lions have.

Detroit may be playing for Matt Patricia’s job in the second half. The Lions need to show something soon to get Patricia off the hot seat.

9 responses to “Texans take halftime lead over Lions

  1. deadinbed says:
    Someone tell me why the Lions play every Thanksgiving?

    Because when the NFL first instituted a Thanksgiving game in 1934 the Lions were the team that agreed to host it, and they continued to host it for decades when no other team wanted anything to do with it.
    After the NFL-AFL merger the league wanted a second game, and Dallas took it when nobody else would. Now, Thanksgiving day games are big business and those two franchises want to keep the game, for the sake of tradition, national exposure and financial gain.
    As fans, it would be great if we could all get great matchups. But the NFL would only make a change if ratings were poor, and they’re not. They’re very high on Thanksgiving because everybody is home watching, and wouldn’t spike all that much with better teams.
    As long as Detroit and Dallas want the game, and ratings are high, they deserve to keep them. That leaves all of us with three choices: 1. Enjoy the day off and be glad for any football; 2. Watch and complain; 3. Don’t watch.
    The NFL knows most of you won’t choose option three.

  2. Why the lions play every blah blah blah blah. Supposed to be a money making business. Wise guy…

  3. So because it was done a certain way 75 years ago we can’t change it?

    Imagine if we didn’t change anything from 75 years ago… The NFL would look very different. Change it, the lions and cowboys stink.

  4. Watching this game I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how they have won four games. They look terrible.

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