Texans top Lions, Matt Patricia’s seat gets hotter

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The Lions’ annual Thanksgiving appearance served, more than anything else, as a reminder of how far Detroit has fallen in Matt Patricia’s three seasons as head coach.

The Texans’ 41-25 win improved Houston’s record to 4-7 and dropped the Lions to 4-7. Houston has already fired its coach this season, and Detroit may soon do the same.

When Patricia arrived in Detroit, he was taking over for Jim Caldwell, who was fired after guiding the Lions to back-to-back 9-7 seasons. Now Patricia has failed to improve on that 9-7 record in each of his three seasons as the Lions’ head coach.

Patricia is 13-29-1 with the Lions, and it’s hard to imagine he won’t be fired soon. But what’s harder to imagine is what Lions ownership was thinking when they stuck with him after he won only three games last year. This has become a wasted year for the Lions, who catered their personnel moves to Patricia’s priorities and are now in a deeper hole.

The situation in Detroit could be so much different. If the Lions had fired Patricia, hired Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, drafted Bieniemy’s choice of either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert, and made this the year to develop the young quarterback with Matthew Stafford as the starter the same way the Chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith, they’d be in great shape.

Instead, the Lions are in awful shape. In fact, they’re in worse shape than the Texans. Although Houston is also in the midst of a disappointing season, the Texans at least know that Deshaun Watson is their franchise quarterback of the future. The Lions have no idea who their quarterback will be the next time they’re in playoff contention.

And the Lions also have no idea who their head coach will be the next time they’re in playoff contention. But it won’t be Patricia.

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  1. “The Lions have no idea who their quarterback will be the next time they’re in playoff contention.”

    Considering that player won’t even be born until 2127, they have plenty of time to work on it.

  2. It’s good that Houston won.
    The media needed J.J. Watt & Deshaun Watson to win. Nobody wants to keep putting losers in national commercials.

  3. Certainly Patricia deserves to be fired, but it’s also clear after 6 decades that no one can win in Detroit.

  4. Honestly, Detroit getting this game every year is ridiculous. They are the perennial worse team in the league. They should not be playing this game every year. Need to be passed around to other teams…..plus who wants to go to Detroit on Thanksgiving day. No one wants to be there the other 364 days of the year.

  5. Sad part is i actually believe this is one of the most talented teams Detroit has had in years as a whole but its been absolutely wasted by the coaching staff on both sides of the ball. Luckily whoever takes over next has some key young building blocks to work with.

  6. Time for Matty, Bobby and Woods to be shown where the exit sign is.
    These last 2 games were an embarrassment.
    But hey Matty will tell us that the coaching needs to be better and be on the same page.
    Don’t know who is more embarrassing, coach, gm or woods, ownership or the team. Maybe all of them.

  7. I actually like Quinn and hope they keep him around but with a different coach. The Patricia hire always baffled me. This team always has an opportunity to win, often by double digits. They just don’t pull it out. That’s Patricia’s fault, not Quinn’s.

  8. Matt Patricia didn’t even deserve the job. The Patriot defense improved both years after his departure

  9. “If the Lions had fired Patricia, hired Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, drafted Bieniemy’s choice of either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert … they’d be in great shape.”

    Or Bieniemy could be 0-11 and crushing the confidence of Tagovailoa or Herbert into throwing 30 INTs…

    Strange how the media gets HCs wrong ALL the time. Case in point: Kliff Kingsbury hire was mocked by everyone – now he looks like a great choice.

  10. It’s hard to win in Detroit when you’re stuck with Matthew Stafford. They should have drafted a QB and started to put the Stafford years in the rear-view mirror. He’s 69-82-1 as a starter. In his eleven seasons, seven have been losing seasons. Granted, it hasn’t all been his fault but he is not a franchise QB if you want to win games. He has some good games and some bad games and unfortunately his bad games mean they have no chance to win. Does that sound like a QB with a $135M contract? They should have seen enough to know by now that he’s not the answer unless you want to be a losing franchise. Maybe they’ll draft a QB next year and dump Stafford.

    I think Patricia may survive the year but they’re going to need to make some major changes. That roster isn’t that great and how can you give Stafford a $10M roster bonus the next two years and have him count $33M and $26M against the cap. Might as well get rid of him and start rebuilding.

  11. Good courdinator, disaster as a head coach. We’ve seen this movie a million times already. It’s 2 completely different skillsets, and while some possess both, it’s also very common for a coach to have one but not the other. Well, on to the next choice, hopefully they choose better.

  12. Wanting to remove the Lions from the Thanksgiving game is misguided. What should be done is for the NFL to install the Jaguars as the permanent Lions foe on Thanksgiving. Switch the Jags To the NFC North and get it done.

    Nobody watches this game anyway with all the family activity taking precedence.

  13. Time to cut down and stop replanting the Belichick coaching tree. Minus Vrabel (who is pretty good), and Crennel (is too old, good guy, not head coach material),Mangini, Mcdaniels, O’Bozo, and Patricia are nothing but coordinators. They shouldn’t sniff a head coaching gif again.

  14. Maybe the NFL should start showing old Thanksgiving Detroit Lions games that had Barry Sanders playing in them, that would at least give viewers a reason to watch and it would introduce a younger audience to his greatness! 😀

  15. Patricia can’t survive as HC much longer. I wasn’t a Caldwell fan y any stretch, but the Lions clearly blew it -again-. They fell for the ‘ol Belichick Disciple Trap. Outside of the glimmer of possiblity coming from Miami, nobody coming from the Patriot staff amounts to the second coming of Bill.

    The Lions have not only wasted the season, they’ve squandered the prime of M.Srafford. It becomes less about the coaches they hire (revolving door style) and more about the intelligence and approach of the front office decision makers. They need a philosophical rebuild, not just a new HC.

  16. Already been said but he has to go tonight, terrible effort and total beatdown in all phases.
    Wasnt Patricia a DEfensive coach?? LOL

  17. Lions should not be on Thanksgiving every year, though by the criteria I would use, they would have been on this year. League should use the 3 games(in a normal season) as a showcase for the top 3 picks. Burrow, Young, and Okudah.

  18. I know. Let’s put the Lions on every Thursday night! They are so exciting to watch! Yippee, cool idea. Yes?

  19. I think Matt Patricia is actually a good coach, but he was just the wrong fit for this team for a variety of reasons. They were on the verge the year he took over and he didn’t have enough experience to guide them. This season they clearly lack talent, and he may have them competitive in some weeks, but it is just not enough.

    He will be fired, as he should be, but I hope down the road he gets another shot somewhere. He’ll need to put in a few solid years as a defensive coordinator somewhere first though.

  20. Its not exactly a secret that Ford Motor pays the NFL big bucks to keep the Lions in the TDay spot. With the pandemic, this may be coming to and end, thank god!

  21. “Instead, the Lions are in awful shape. In fact, they’re in worse shape than the Texans.”
    The Texans owe both their first AND second round picks to the Dolphins.

    “And the Lions also have no idea who their head coach will be the next time they’re in playoff contention.”

    The Texans have an interim coach. They also have no idea who their next coach will be. Both franchises are heading nowhere in a hurry. At least one isn’t employing an alleged rapist as a head coach. Soon neither will the Lions. And that’s something to be thankful for.

  22. If the Lions had fired Patricia, hired Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, drafted Bieniemy’s choice of either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert

    Its easy to speak in hindsight. Okudah was thought to be hands down the best corner in the draft. Tua and Herbert both had major question marks.

    In addition, there were several open head coaching positions this year and none of the teams hired Bieniemy. The Chiefs are doing just fine but you wonder how much is Reid. Childress, Shurmur, Mornhinweg and Gase were all pretty lousy head coaches once they left Reid’s shadow.

  23. The patriots never had a smothering defense with Patricia as DC. He was never that good or intelligent. The Lions blew it last year by not hiring Kevin Stefanski. Look what he’s doing with Cleveland. CLEVELAND!!! Lions deserve to be bad for missing on Stefanski, but they do have a talented roster in case they do land a good coach. We will have to see what happens with them. They could easily be a 10-6, 11-5 team with the right coach.

  24. It’s obvious now the success in NE was all about Brady and cheating, not a single assistant out of dozens have been successful anywhere else and Belichick’s record without Brady is dismal.

  25. Dear Lions, Please sign Patricia to a life-time extension -signed All the Other Teams in the NFC North…..

  26. I’m surprised that there is even a seat to ponder over. I like Matt but the record is the record. He’ll be DC somewhere next year.

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