Thursday samples yield multiple additional player positives for Ravens

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The Week 12 game between the Ravens and Steelers was supposed to kick off tonight. It’s not.

The game is now supposed to kick off on Sunday. It’s currently looking like it won’t.

Per a league source, the Ravens received word tonight of multiple additional player positives from COVID-19 samples collected on Thursday morning. This indicates that the outbreak continues to be uncontained.

The league and the Ravens had hoped to know on Friday whether the outbreak was under control, or not. It’s unknown when the league plans to make a decision regarding Sunday’s game.

Friday morning samples will yield more evidence as to whether additional players have tested positive by Friday night.

The game could be moved to Monday or Tuesday, which would require shifting next Thursday’s game between the Cowboys and Ravens to the weekend. For now, though, there’s a sense of pessimism and dismay within the Ravens organization.

The Ravens also are stunned by the speed with which the virus has spread. It’s amazing that other teams haven’t had an outbreak like this. It’s entirely possible that there will be more between now and the end of the season.

31 responses to “Thursday samples yield multiple additional player positives for Ravens

  1. The Baltimore Sun is reporting (NOV 26, 2020 AT 8:27 PM) that 2 players tested positive today. Their report says that Lamar Jackson was one of them, CB Jihad Ward is the other.

  2. Down three running backs that will be rough on the rats. Don’t mess with our Sunday NFL game Goodell they have a super sized practice squad for a reason.

  3. >>The Ravens also are stunned by the speed with which the virus has spread.

    So are 13 million Americans.

  4. curtis20 says:
    November 26, 2020 at 8:53 pm
    Still waiting for draft picks and huge fines coming. Just like my Raiders.

    11 3 Rate This


    Does Mark Davis host Goodell at Pebble Beach? If so, the punishment will be as light as the Raiders, unless Goody likes Augusta better than Pebble Beach. lmao

  5. What can I do…Lamar. JuJu and Mark Andrew’s are on my fantasy team! But seriously. NFL take notice this can (will) happen again to another team. If the NFL doesnt go to the NBA bubble idea. There wont be NFL playoffs.

  6. Harbaugh is actively trying to get the NFL to cancel this game by locking down the facility until Monday. The league and owners should not let him get away with this. Play the game.

  7. Moving the game again?? The league continues to do all that it can to disadvantage the Steelers. Forfeit the game and move on. Stop punishing the team that doesn’t have mass spread.

  8. Individual outbreaks can be accidents from outside the facility. Because this outbreak is so widespread and ongoing, it tells us that the Ravens weren’t systemically taking COVID seriously.

  9. ESPN reporting Raven closed facilities until Monday, essentially forcing a forfeit/reschedule

    So it’s that’s ok but, different rules for KC/LV and GB/SF (both teams had positive tests) on a shortened week??

  10. It boggles the mind the disruption, damage, and risk to people’s health that ONE man created because the rules and procedures were not for him. This is a joint battle that is won by everyone doing their part.

  11. Someone said Lamar Jackson was one of the positives?

    They still have RG3, right? Play the game. This is twice the Steelers have been disrupted through no fault of their own. Either play with your Pop Warner guys, or forfeit the game.

    Lack of institutional control.

  12. So the raiders have COVID issues with their offensive line and the league takes a primetime game from them and bumps their game up to a sooner time, then the Raiders possibly missing up to 8 defensive starters and rotational players are hosting the Kansas City chiefs coming off a bye and the game plays out with no concerns of postponement ??? I don’t get why raiders get no cushion but the league is coming up with concessions to alleviate the ravens COVID issues maybe they should postpone the game for a few weeks so the ravens will be healthy !!!!!

  13. The inability of the Ravens organization to follow the rules and protect the integrity of the game has cost the league millions – if not tens of millions – in revenue from tonight’s lost prime time game. That loss will impact every single team next year with a lower salary cap.
    The starting point for punishing them should be $1M and a First Round Pick. However much all teams lose from their cap as a result of the lost revenue from this game should also be docked as a fine from the Raven’s cap next year.

  14. everyone is so concerned about playing the game and punishing the ravens– not one person is even remotely concerned about the peoples health and well being- incredibly selfish, and painfully obvious why

  15. I am a Steelers fan but lets all use common sense here. The reason the league moved the game is not to placate the Raven but to make sure Covid within their facility was contained. If the Steelers-Ravens game went on, and there we multiple people who played the game who were contagious, this mini epidemic will also spread to the Steelers side. By moving the game to Sunday, the League wanted to see if they’re not going to be any more positive test, which as of yesterday, there were more positive test.

    I get we NFL fans are eager to watch a game but let’s not forget, people’s lives are at stake here. When the 49ers and Raider had their mini epidemic, the game was only played after it was confirmed by the league that there wasn’t any more positive test. So far, the Ravens are still testing positive.

  16. Wildcard weekend is scheduled for week 18. Possible matchup based on current records = KC V Ravens. If you move the game between Ravens and Steelers to week 18, the Steelers (probably 1 seed based on current undefeated record) lose their EARNED bye week while KC gets an UNEARNED bye. Steelers already lost their bye week to Titan’s outbreak. They’ve lost their mini-bye to Ravens and will lose their EARNED bye to Ravens who had a COACH violate protocols. Fines and draft picks will NOT ameliorate the damage to this Steeler team or restore the credibility of the post-season. The NFL seems to be manipulating the situation to benefit the Ravens and Chiefs who coincidentally have the two most celebrated young quarterbacks. The Steeler fans should be in a rage at the favoritism. And I’m not a Steelers fan.

  17. The guy didnt wear his mask or the tracer. The whole team almost has it, total chaos.Time to forfeit the season for them.

  18. Simple solution: Ravens forfeit. That would send a message to the other teams to take this stuff seriously.

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