Jason Garrett mum about Marc Colombo’s firing

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Jason Garrett brought Marc Colombo with him from Dallas when Joe Judge hired the former Cowboys head coach as offensive coordinator. But Judge fired Colombo only 10 games into the season after the two men reportedly feuded for weeks.

Garrett’s media session Friday was the first time he has talked publicly since Colombo’s departure.

He addressed it before taking questions, saying he wasn’t going to discuss the matter.

“The other thing I just wanted to touch on is the situation with Marc Colombo,” Garrett said after initially remembering Cowboys strength and conditioning Markus Paul, who died this week. “I know coach Judge has talked about that and addressed that, so I don’t see any reason for me to talk about it much further. Joe took care of all that, and we’re focused on what we have to do this weekend against Cincinnati. Thank you.”

So, of course, reporters did what reporters do: They asked Garrett about the decision to hire veteran line coach Dave DeGuglielmo as a consultant, which proved the last straw in the relationship between Judge and Colombo.

“Joe touched on that whole situation earlier in the week, so I’m going to let his word stand,” Garrett said. “Again, we’re excited about the growth and development of the line. They’re in good hands right now. We’re excited about this opportunity on Sunday against Cincinnati. It’ll be a good challenge for everybody.”

Judge’s decision to fire Colombo obviously appears to put Garrett in the middle, inviting questions about Garrett’s relationship with Judge and his future with the Giants.

“I think I have a great relationship with Joe,” Garrett said. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, like I said, from afar when he was coaching in New England. All the people that I know that have been around him had great respect for him. My time with him in New York has been a really positive experience for me. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him. I like the program that we’re trying to build here with our team and how we go about it. I have nothing but great respect for him and appreciate the opportunity to coach for him here in New York.”

10 responses to “Jason Garrett mum about Marc Colombo’s firing

  1. I don’t watch a lot of Giants games so I can’t speak to whether Colombo was a good coach or not.
    As an outside observer it seems there was an obvious personality difference between Judge & Colombo. While Colombo & Garrett may have had a “connection”, Colombo & Judge somehow weren’t seeing things the same way. Happens in all aspects of life.
    Someone vouches for a friend, and you and the friend don’t really hit it off.

  2. The coach isn’t going to give a straight answer, so it’s more or less just a waste of everyone’s time. Do they really think Garrett would say something like, “well Marc didn’t like feeling as if Joe was always looking over his shoulder, so he punched Joe in his face. And that puts me in a really tough spot, because I’ve known Marc a lot longer than I’ve known Joe, and now I’m not sure if I really want to stick around next year”?

  3. No wonder NFL coaches get paid so well. If they say something they get criticized, and if they don’t say anything, they also get criticized. Jason Garrett is an IVY Leaguer. He knows how to play the game.

  4. Regardless of whether he was a puppet on strings or the actual head coach in Dallas, JG has always acted with class.

  5. Colombo wasn’t getting the job done. Judge brought in help. The line played substantially better. You don’t get the job done don’t get all hissy with the boss. He’s the one that opens and closes the door. Obviously.

  6. First and foremost, Jason Garrett has never had a backbone. Basically Garrett is a wishy-washy yes man. That’s how he got alone with Jerry. Dallas O-line was a tuff unit under Colombo, and Colombo had a tuff guy image as a player. The Giants OL sucked for a few years. When Garrett got hired as the OC, he brought in Colombo to be the line coach. After a slow start due to some injuries, the Giants O-line was making progress. I’m guessing Colombo and Joe Judge never bonded. When Judge brought in Dave DeGuglielmo, that offended someone like Colombo making the relationship between Colombo and Judge that much worse. Your hired to do a job and then you hire somebody whose job it is to critique you every move. I can see why a proud man like Colombo exploded.

    For whats it worth, I had real question why a professional sports team turns to a special teams coach as there head coach. The jury is still out to the season ends on Judge.

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