Matt Nagy: Taking time to evaluate Nick Foles “the only fair thing”

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With Nick Foles missing practice on Wednesday and Thursday, all signs in Chicago are pointing toward Mitchell Trubisky starting at quarterback against the Packers on Sunday night but the team hasn’t made a formal announcement of their plans at this point.

Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said the delay isn’t about keeping anything hidden. Lazor said “everybody understands who practiced” and expects the Packers to be preparing for Sunday based on that information.

Head coach Matt Nagy said he thinks the best way to handle things is to give Foles as much time as possible to show progress in returning from his hip injury.

“We’re still kind of evaluating where [Foles] is at, and I think that’s the only fair thing,” Nagy said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Mitch is obviously doing well health-wise. I feel good with where he’s at physically, with the way he’s throwing and all that stuff.”

If things remain the same at Friday’s practice, there would not seem to be much of a decision for the Bears to make about Sunday.

7 responses to “Matt Nagy: Taking time to evaluate Nick Foles “the only fair thing”

  1. The story for the game Sunday:

    1. It will not be a 1st half blow out. Bear defense will keep things close.
    2. You will see a good Packer offense and a lost Bear offense. Bears will win battle of false starts.
    3. By the middle of 3d quarter Packers will be ahead 21 to 25 points. They will get more conservative on defense.
    4. The Bears offense will start to move the ball during this garbage period.
    5. Final score will not represent how lopsided the game was.

    Seen this whole script many times in the past but hope that I am way off base.

  2. It doesn’t matter. The Packers always have a magical way of making no-name quarterbacks look like they’re All-Pro.

  3. Nagy and the offensive coordinator can say that they aren’t trying to hide anything from they Packers all they want, but the truth is that they are.

    Nothing changes for the Pack. The Packers prepare the same way no matter who is playing. If it’s Trubisky as it is probable to be then that is what it is. If it’s Foles they make slight adjustments for that and play the game.

    Nice try though Nagy👍


  4. It does not matter…..the Bears offensive scheme is dreadful, the offensive line is awful, and all players are overrated except Robertson.

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