Ravens point-of-care testing reveals one more player positive

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As the Ravens and Steelers await news on the status of Sunday’s game, more relevant evidence is trickling in.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, on-site point-of-care testing resulted in one more positive result for a Ravens player on Friday. Results from the more reliable off-site PCR tests will be returned later today.

There’s speculation within the Ravens organization that the league will wait for the PCR results before making a final decision about whether to play the Ravens-Steelers game on Sunday. It’s also possible the a decision to move the game will be made before the PCR test results arrive.

If the game can’t be played Sunday, look for Tuesday to emerge as the alternative, given that the league wants to avoid moving games to an eighteenth week for as long as possible.

A forfeit by the Ravens is unlikely, for the reasons identified here. Also, it would be the first forfeit in the 101-year history of the NFL.

7 responses to “Ravens point-of-care testing reveals one more player positive

  1. The NFL should make the Ravens play tomorrow. It’s not the Steelers fault the Ravens organization violated protocol and infect most of their offense. That’s the price you pay for not following the rules. If they made the Niners and Raiders play, they need to make the Ravens play.

  2. It is asinine that they just haven’t moved the game to Week 18. The Steelers (who I can’t stand) cannot reasonably expect to play with these plague wardens in a few days, even if it’s Tuesday, and they would have little time to prepare for the Washington Football team the next week… a team that will have almost a week and a half to prepare for them.

    I mean, I don’t want the Steelers to have a perfect season. But it’s shady AF if they potentially expose their players to Covid (None of us can say the rest of the Ravens are safe) and then play the shortest week game possible against Washington just to prevent a completely sensible option from happening. And the Ravens are at an incredible disadvantage as well – their starting QB and tp 2 RBs both out. Just weird, NFL. Call it.

  3. If they move it to Tuesday, then they can move the Cowboys/Ravens to Sunday. With the Cowboys coaching blunders front and center, the Ravens should be able to beat them playing second string through practice squad players.

  4. Ravens need to be shut down for the season. Not fair and equitable for the other teams in the league.Totally in house mistake and already rules in place.

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