Report: Eagles moving Jason Peters to right guard

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So much for the Eagles sticking with Jason Peters as their left tackle.

Only four days after coach Doug Pederson tabbed Peters “our starting left tackle moving forward,” John Clark of reports that the Eagles have moved Peters to right guard.

Earlier Friday, right tackle Lane Johnson announced he is done for the season with an ankle injury that needs surgery.

The Eagles will have their 10th different line combination of the season on Monday night, as Clark reports Jordan Mailata will start at left tackle, Isaac Seumalo at left guard, Jason Kelce at center, Peters at right guard and Matt Pryor at right tackle.

The move of Peters comes after the veteran allowed three sacks, including one for a safety, on Sunday against the Browns.

Seumalo wouldn’t confirm the change.

“I don’t really know whatever the lineup situation [is],” Seumalo said, via EJ Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I’ll leave that to you guys, doing your job hunting that down. But … I have a good rapport with Jordan, not only on the field but off the field. If he’s there, I feel comfortable talking to him and communicating.”

The Eagles re-signed Peters in July with plans of playing him at right guard after Brandon Brooks tore his left Achilles in the offseason. Andre Dillard‘s season-ending biceps injury, though, changed things.

The Eagles moved the 38-year-old Peters back to left tackle. Peters’ struggles, though, have led to a move back to right guard.

9 responses to “Report: Eagles moving Jason Peters to right guard

  1. Eagles are really trying hard not to have that difficult conversation with him, out of deference for him being a future HOF…anyone else would have been told “it’s over” weeks ago.

  2. The Seahawks had the worst pass rush in the NFL until the last 2 weeks when Carlos Dunlop said hello to the fans in the Northwest and Jamal Adams returned from injuries. I would think this hare then a little to do with the move of Peters out of the LT position to where he would do the least harm.

  3. Seumalo does not look like he has the fire lit within him as an NFL starter. He stands there when ball is fumbled and everyone else is fighting for it. Stiff as a board.

  4. Sad seeing such a great player like him ending up now as a huge liability. Nothing in the NFL is more sad then watching great players like he once was trying to hang on “one” more year. Bruce Smith, Jerry Rice ect look like fools and painful to watch.

  5. Oline should be

    Mailata, Seamalo, Kelce, Peters, Driscoll

    If Peters can’t outplay Herbig or Pryor the he needs to be cut. He held the team hostage for more money and he’s terrible.

  6. Really think Peters can do well at RG. His biggest weakness is his lack of lateral movement. His ability to use nothing but leverage should help. At least, he will have a spot on the roster until the end of the season when he can retire with dignity. Hopefully, Mailata can continue to develop into something special.

  7. Let’s see how he does at guard, maybe there is a chance it turns out well… I still can’t believe they put him in at LT when he came back not just because he wasn’t playing well but Mailata actually looked really good after the first start

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