Report: Steelers cancel practice with game vs. Ravens in doubt

Getty Images

The Steelers’ game schedule has already been changed once this week because of the Ravens’ COVID-19 outbreak, and now the team is changing its practice schedule as well.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin canceled practice today, Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network reports.

The Steelers are still awaiting more information about the status of their game against the Ravens, which was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving night but is now scheduled for Sunday at 1:15 p.m. ET. Canceling practice is an indication that Tomlin isn’t sure his team is going to play.

The NFL has postponed other games this season, but always when there were still bye weeks remaining to juggle the schedule. The Ravens and Steelers have already had their byes, so postponing their game beyond this week would be significantly more difficult. But if the Ravens’ outbreak isn’t under control, the league may have no choice.