Texans will cut Kenny Stills

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Wide receiver Kenny Stills was not in the Texans lineup for Thursday’s win because of a quad injury and it doesn’t look like he’ll play any other games for the team because he’s not going to be on the roster much longer.

Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.com reports that the Texans are cutting Stills. It’s described as a “mutual parting” with a player who has seen a diminshed offensive role in Houston. He has 11 catches for 144 yards and a touchdown.

In addition to a shrinking role on offense, Stills also went public with a negative reaction to the team’s decision to fire P.R. director Amy Palcic earlier this month.

Stills will go on waivers, so any team in the league could claim him and what’s left of his $6.975 million salary for the 2020 season.

28 responses to “Texans will cut Kenny Stills

  1. Not sure how I feel about Kenny Stills. He was okay in New Orleans, alright in Miami, and just bad with Houston. Maybe he can rebound, but at most he’ll sign with someone like Chicago.

  2. Some people just need to be quiet, and play ball. Stills is one of them. Talented we, but just do your job.

  3. The Blues Brothers – “Going Back to Miami”

    they sure could use his talent … the rest of the considerations, I’m not privy to.

  4. This Houston franchise is headed in the wrong direction, with or without Kenny Stills. He’s probably happy to be leaving.

  5. husky1881 says:
    November 27, 2020 at 2:42 pm
    Patriots should pick him up. He’s probably better than anything we have.

    Well…his salary is certainly higher than anyone they have currently playing.
    Now..he is injured, so that would delay any possible contributions.
    It would take a few weeks to learn the basic playbook.
    He is a free agent at the end of the season, so there is no long term value.
    The salary he is paid could be carried forward to next year’s salary cap.
    Belichick doesn’t appreciate players that speak against their own team.

    I’m guessing they will probably pass.

  6. Everyone is mentioning the Patriots, and I actually agree this time. They’re running game isn’t bad at all, but where they are hurting the most right now is their receiving corps. N’Keal Harry is a bust.

  7. He is going to clear waivers with that price tag. I would see NE, Clevland, and Miami getting on the phone once he clears.

  8. It made no sense that he wasn’t traded in the offseason due to OBrien’s offseason makeover of the WR corps. Then the trade deadline came and went with the Texans content to pay a guy 6 mill on the bench instead of getting a draft pick for him.

    Now in true Texans fashion, they release him in the worst possible way while getting nothing for him.

  9. Wow. Bill o’brien looks so insanely inept. Worse than adam Gase. At least gase hasn’t mortgaged his future in return for players that even casual fans know are not worth it.

  10. dlw492 says:
    Not sure how I feel about Kenny Stills. He was okay in New Orleans, alright in Miami, and just bad with Houston.

    I know how I feel about Kenny Stills. When you’re only 28 years old and on your way to your fourth NFL team there’s a serious problem, be it diminishing talent, being a loose cannon with a poor attitude, or both.
    Stills has displayed plenty of the latter, and his numbers suggest there the former may be creeping in.

  11. It was a good decision. Kenny Stills has proven to be a good football player, but he is a continual distraction off the field. He was traded to Houston after a spat with Brian Flores, and has now found himself in a similiar situation in Houston.

  12. I heard Kaep and E Reid were playing catch in an empty stadium. Stills can be the 3rd amigo on the social justice warriors.

  13. Before everyone bangs the BOB drum on this one Kenny stills was kept as an insurance policy as Fuller and Cooks couldn’t stay healthy. Now stills can’t stay healthy he would be a cap casualty at the end of the year. He’s an albatross, the season is lost time to cut bait and see what the practice squad can do.

  14. He was quite good when he played for New Orleans but they won’t keep good players who cause problems.

    The fact that he bounced around from franchise to franchise shows that they were right and apparently no amount of coaching can reform him.

  15. Someone above mentioned Stills is on his 4th team. Isn’t Brandin Cooks as well? Why is he constantly being moved?

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