Jamal Adams says he was “playing with one arm”

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Jamal Adams hasn’t played at the level the Seahawks thought he would when they traded two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick to acquire him. Adams says his shoulder injury is a reason for that.

Adams played every snap of the Seahawks’ Thursday night game against the Cardinals last week, but he says he was playing in a lot of pain.

“The quick turnaround was very tough playing with one arm, dealing with a shoulder injury,’’ Adams said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Adams thinks he will play again at the level of the All-Pro safety the Seahawks thought they were trading for.

“But it’s getting better, and that’s the scary part,’’ he said. “So watch out.’’

If Adams starts playing like the star he was with the Jets, that would go a long way toward getting the Seahawks’ defense playing the way they need it to play in the postseason.

20 responses to “Jamal Adams says he was “playing with one arm”

  1. That’s interesting. No mention of that on the Seahawks injury reports, and he has consistently been listed as a full participant in practice. 2 sacks and a forced fumble against the Rams after he missed 3 plays due to the injury, and he played every snap in the Cardinals game. One might wonder why he mentions it now?

  2. I loved him when he was a jet and I am happy that he’s not a Jet..Dunlap from Cincinnati has had a far bigger impact with Seattle..

  3. The NFL should fine the Seahawks for not disclosing injuries on this guy or just make him admit he’s making excuses for poor effort.

  4. Unlike jadeveon clowney the Seahawks gave up a lot to get Adams and they will be forced to overpay him pretty soon. Else he will leave and they gave up all those draft picks for nothing. You don’t win by grossly overpaying a good but not great player.

  5. He played great when he was a Jet. He stopped maturing somewhere around 1st grade but he did play well.

  6. Probably the worst Safety in the league in coverage. The Jets simply fleeced Seattle.

    20 mil per contract demand coming…Enjoy the headache Seattle. You earned it.

  7. Somebody asked how that impacted his coverage skills like it’s not almost impossible to run with one arm

  8. I love most of his play, he is faster than everyone on the field and pops off the screen. If it wasn’t for Dunlap he would be the best at getting pressure on the team.

    The freelancing needs to be limited. I understand he is a play maker but vacating your zone when a blitz is coming from another area leads to disasters for a team trying to win games.

  9. Unless a team is acquiring a pro bowl QB,there is absolutely NO reason. To give up TWO #1s for a player. I would like to know WHO in Seattle signed off on that trade.

  10. He’s a ball hawk whohestitants dropping back if he thinks he can get a sack.
    I don’t think he can change that instinct nor do I don’t think he’s a good cover guy.
    Seahawks may have to let him go or completely change their ‘D’ schemes next year

  11. onathankrobinson424 says:
    November 28, 2020 at 12:41 pm
    Unless a team is acquiring a pro bowl QB,there is absolutely NO reason. To give up TWO #1s for a player. I would like to know WHO in Seattle signed off on that trade.

    John Schneider. Makes about $4M a year. More thHe is tn either of us. He has fielded one of the winningest teams in the NFL during his tenure. The winningest GM in Seahawk franchise history. Has built one of the top 4 teams n the NFL since he was hired. A record of 107-63-1 during that time. Zero losing seasons. Drafted multiple future HOF players that no one else wanted. They won double-digit games seven times, including a run of five seasons in a row. They have been to two Super Bowls. One win, one painful loss. (not sure what he had to do with that goal line call, but who knows)

    Obviously not too bright, eh?
    I hope that helped.

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