Lions owner calls “extremely disappointing” last two games the last straw

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Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp acknowledged today that the last two games of the Bob Quinn/Matt Patricia era may have been the worst two.

Asked if she viewed the Lions’ back-to-back blowout losses to the Panthers and Texans as a last straw, Hamp answered, “Honestly, yes.”

“Ten days ago we looked like we had a good chance to be playoff bound, and both of those games were extremely disappointing. It just seemed like the path going forward wasn’t what we wanted it to be,” Hamp said.

Hamp confirmed that Darrell Bevell will serve as the interim head coach for the rest of the season, in which she said, “I guess we still have a slight mathematical chance” of making the playoffs.

Hamp didn’t seem to be consciously referencing Dumb and Dumber with those comments, although that would be a fitting title for the tenure of Quinn as G.M. and Patricia as head coach.

24 responses to “Lions owner calls “extremely disappointing” last two games the last straw

  1. Oh boy, here we are. Lost in Space, once again. To all prospective GM’s and coaches, “Run Will Robinson, Run.” Is it really the GM and coaches that are the issues or bad ownership?Another Ford heir that has no idea how to run or assemble anyone capable of building a professional sports franchise. Please sell the Lions.

  2. Looking forward to a refreshing new plan from ownership for the future. Hang in there Lions fans, help is on the way!

  3. She is hard core and swung the bat. This can only help the team because she was sick and tired of the same old same old. I cannot blame her. Burning money on a losing team is not good business.

  4. Unless Ms. Hamp is planning to directly hire her new GM, Rod Wood remains a pimple in the path of progress.

  5. Sheila, while you’re at it,put the damn Lion logo on the helmet on Thanksgiving day! Drives me nuts when the have just the silver helmet.

  6. Getting rid of Quinn was definitely long overdue. It’s hard for anyone to succeed when your GM is incompetent.

  7. Her dad would have held on to these guys for another five years. Glad she stepped in and stop this mess now. Hopefully she can made the right hire, I guess time will tell.

  8. I don’t necessarily blame Matt Patricia – look what Quinn provided (or didn’t provide) him with.

  9. Quinn brought in a fantastic amount of talent. I think things went offrail by letting Patricia have too much input about “scheme fit” and such. He showed no ability to fit to the players and needed the players to fit him.
    Quinn’s going to have more success as a talented player evaluator.

  10. “Who hired Quinn and Patricia?”

    There was a whole group of people not named Ford who identified Quinn (as well as a handful of others) as candidates for the job. Anyone who pretends it was Martha, Sheila, or Rod Wood drawing names out of a hat are blind to the facts.

  11. This shoulda happened after last season – it’s been clear for quite some time that Patricia is not qualified to be a head coach. I can’t believe there are still apologists for him – he ran off good players and couldnt coach the ones that remained.

  12. I’m inclined to give Sheila Hamp the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. She kept her word and made a statement – losing doesn’t cut it. Lions fans are used to losing coaches being allowed to stick around forever. But not this time. It hasn’t been her team prior to this. She’s grown up with the same disappointment everyone in Detroit has.

    Worth noting that Rod Wood has almost nothing to do with the team on the field. He’s not a football guy. He’s responsible for the Detroit Lions as a business.

  13. Not Everything Is A Joke says:
    I don’t necessarily blame Matt Patricia – look what Quinn provided (or didn’t provide) him with.
    Quinn stunk as a GM. But if you look at the reactions players who departed the Lions during Patricia’s reign … he wasn’t well liked or respected in the locker room. Thus the lame performances this year.

  14. Maybe they need a bigger fresh start that just HC and GM….San Diego needs a team….The San Diego Lions…hmmmm….

  15. Dismissing Patricia is “extremely disappointing.” He’ll be a Super Bowl winning head coach in due time. I believe in Matt Patricia!

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