New restrictions in Santa Clara may force 49ers to practice and play elsewhere

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The San Francisco 49ers practice and play in Santa Clara. But they may not be able to for the rest of this season.

Santa Clara County released new COVID-19 restrictions today that include a ban on all contact sports and a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone traveling into the region from more than 150 miles away.

County Counsel James Williams told the San Jose Mercury News that the new restrictions apply to both practices and games, and the rules will apply to the 49ers.

Obviously, a ban on contact sports would mean no NFL games can be played in the county, and it would also likely prevent the 49ers from practicing at their facility. And the 14-day quarantine after traveling would make it impossible for visiting teams to play road games against the 49ers, and impossible for the 49ers to return to their practice facility after playing on the road.

The new rules go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, so the 49ers should be home from Sunday’s road game against the Rams in time to avoid the mandatory quarantine. But beyond that, it’s hard to see how the 49ers can remain in Santa Clara, where they have home games against Buffalo on December 7 and against Washington on December 13. Unless there’s a way for the 49ers and the NFL to be granted an exception to the rules, the 49ers may have to find a new home.

24 responses to “New restrictions in Santa Clara may force 49ers to practice and play elsewhere

  1. Welcome to our completely backwards state that does not follow ANY science in making their decisions. These fools have ruined our state. From LA to Sacramento–they are all buffoons.

  2. With Covid and no fans it is really a simple solution, move the remaining home games against Buffalo, Washington and Seattle to those cities.

  3. This a simple shakedown by power hungry politicians exploiting this situation for their own means. NFL will be asked to pay a fee to play the games. Don’t do it NFL. Play in the Raiders old stadium in Oakland.

  4. California has a huge economy. I think it’s like the 6th largest economy in the entire world. Just one state. Santa Clara County has a huge chunk of that. They have a lot of big businesses to protect. It’s in their best interest, and everyone who relies on these businesses to keep everyone healthy. The longer this virus hangs around, the worse it is for these businesses. The NFL relies on TV revenue, not stadium ticket sales.

  5. Why would ANYONE want to live in California, where its perfectly acceptable to take poop in public on the street but you can’t have a straw in your Dr. Pepper and government officials encourage neighbors to rat out their neighbors for having family over for Thanksgiving.

  6. itsouryear says:
    November 28, 2020 at 5:25 pm
    The peoples republic of California strike again. Thank god I left there in 2006.

    And I’m sure they miss you…

  7. I’m happy to have leadership in California that values lives over profits.

    The NFL is a business. They will survived COVID, but over 260,000 Americans have already died, and the projection is for over half a million dead by January.

    Football isn’t that important.

    And for those bashing California, saying they wouldn’t want to live here……GOOD. Stay away. It’s terrible here. That’s why more rich people choose to live in California than in any other state.

  8. If I were the Niners I’d reschedule all those games to be played in Vegas. I’m sure the players wouldn’t mind not having all those taxes taken out of their game checks just so California can waste it. That’s a huge chunk of change.

  9. Good on Santa Clara for taking charge when there is a vacuum from the top. Maybe if the higher ups in government actually did something meaningful sooner this would not have had to happen.

  10. Rich people choose to live in California because they are the only people that can afford to

    First, people are saying that California is a terrible place to live. Now, it’s “only rich people can afford to live there”.

    It can’t be both. I think that most of those bashing California have never been there.

    This reminds me of Yogi Berra….”Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded”

  11. So wearing masks to protect yourself and others, is tyranny. Closing faciolities where the disease spreads is tyranny?

    Americans are soft if taking simple steps to stop the spread of disease is “tyranny”.

  12. Im the one who said only rich people choose to live in CA. I was young and impetuous when I moved there and lived there for 12 years and got the hell out as soon as I could. My point was you have to be rich to have any kind of decent life there. Otherwise it kinda sucks. Ironic that the state that looks the other way while thousands of people sneak across the border every day won’t allow a football team that is tested EVERY SINGLE DAY to enter.

  13. No wearing masks is not tyranny. I’m all for masks and enforcement of wearing them. I agree that it is not a huge sacrifice. But shutting down businesses and denying people the ability to earn a living is tyranny

  14. You gotta love this! In a state run by over-promises to public sector workers, teachers union leadership and pension fund managers, we all knew that this would happen at some point. They probably want some fees or something to line their pockets. There are more billionaire’s in California than any other state because they know that they can get dummy politicians to do their bidding by controlling the people who live there…promise them something than give them 1/4 of it yet keep them under control. Example? Gavin Newsome….perfect example. California IS a beautiful place but soon, only the VERY rich will live there, served by their minions….

  15. This is about…checks notes….not science but pure authoritarianism. Nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Good for Santa Clara county. With so many people already dead and infections growing so quickly, a small sacrifice is the patriotic thing to do. All the people freaking out about minor inconveniences like masks, closures, and social distancing would be horrified at all the limitations people endured during WW2 (and we are currently losing people at a greater rate to COVID than we lost during the average week in that war).

  17. Um, excuse me rstern. Haven’t heard anyone here complaining about masks or social distancing. What people are complaining about is the government forcing business to close. Not having an income is NOT a minor inconvenience. Guessing you’re someone whose been able to weather this storm from the comfort of a home office. And for the record, so am I. But a lot of people are having their livelihoods taken from them because a bunch of politicians are drunk with power. If masks and social distancing are so effective (and I agree that they are) then shutting down businesses shouldn’t be necessary.

  18. charliecharger says:
    November 28, 2020 at 5:30 pm
    The NFL relies on TV revenue, not stadium ticket sales.

    Actually it’s about 50-50, nearly 50% of the NFL’s revenue comes from tickets, concessions and merch sales at games so YEA those lost ticket sales are really hurting the NFL to the tune that the NFL is estimating between a $5-7bil in lost revenue this season!

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