Steelers could still have more Saturday positives

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The possibility of a full-blown Pittsburgh coronavirus outbreak increased on Saturday when word emerged that running back James Conner and special-teams coordinator Danny Smith tested positive. It remains to be seen whether the situation will, based on Saturday’s full scope of COVID-19 testing, get even worse.

As one league source explained it, it’s believed that Saturday’s positives resulted from point-of-care testing, and that the off-site PCR test results could trigger even more positives, once the results are returned.

Pittsburgh gets its PCR figures much later than other teams, given that the Steelers aren’t as close to their testing lab as other teams. It’s believed that the Steelers won’t get their results from Saturday’s tests until midnight or later.

Most teams don’t perform point-of-care testing on all players. In Pittsburgh’s case, it’s possible that Conner was in close contact with the three Steelers players who landed on the COVID-19 reserve list on Friday. This could mean that other players who weren’t deemed to be in close contact may end up testing positive, based on Saturday’s off-site PCR testing.

In other words, Tuesday night’s game — which landed there because of a Baltimore outbreak — could be bumped again, due to the ongoing Pittsburgh outbreak.

6 responses to “Steelers could still have more Saturday positives

  1. After the way Steelers fans beached about the Ravens … As long as the Stelers have 11 players, its game on.

  2. Seems like some people are going to be disappointed if the Steelers don’t end up with a full fledged outbreak. What a world.

    The NFL is in a corner now, if they start changing games to the 18th week, what happens when one or more teams runs into more than one 18th week scenario? Short of going to a bubble situation, does anyone really think this same thing, maybe not to this degree, won’t occur week after week now.

    If it’s deemed safe to play, the game will go on, no matter who’s in or who’s out. The Broncos have zero QBs, and so far there has been no indication the game will not be played.

  3. The clock is ticking on the plausibility of a bubble being able to save the season, wait another week and the NFL maybe done till 2021.

  4. sammyias says:
    November 28, 2020 at 8:24 pm

    After the way Steelers fans beached about the Ravens … As long as the Stelers have 11 players, its game on.

    And wouldn’t it be funny if they still beat the Ravens?

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