All Week 12 Sunday games are a go

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The Ravens-Steelers game hangs in the balance. The Broncos will be playing a receiver at quarterback. All team facilities will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in recognition of the fact that players and coaches had out-of-town visitors for Thanksgiving.

For the twelfth Sunday of 2020, however, the marching orders nevertheless are to march.

All games are a go for today, via Adam Schefter of

Schefter adds this, almost nonchalantly: “There still may be some staff and some players who test positive, per source, but nothing that will impact any game today.”

Technically, he’s right. Staff and players who test positive based on samples collected today won’t affect today’s games. However, those staff and players who eventually learn that they have COVID-19 based on samples collected today will potentially contribute to the further spread of the virus, just as last Sunday’s Titans-Ravens game contributed to the outbreak in Baltimore by having multiple players who were shedding virus in the locker room, on the sideline, in the game, and for road teams on the bus and plane home.

The end result is that the snowball will just keep growing. And it will keep on rolling. And some will continue to be oblivious to that fact until the snowball crashes into their house.