Anthony Lynn: Running at end of game was “completely miscommunication”


The Chargers gave themselves a bit of hope at the end of Sunday’s loss to the Bills when Justin Herbert hooked up with Tyron Johnson for a 55-yard pass to the Buffalo 2-yard-line.

Down 10 with no timeouts, the Chargers needed a quick score and an onside kick to have a chance to tie the game. They rushed to the ball and snapped it with 20 seconds left, but the play choice was bizarre. Herbert handed the ball to Austin Ekeler, who was stopped short of the end zone and the choice essentially left no shot at the two scores they needed.

After the game, Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said the call was “completely miscommunication” before facing a series of questions about his overall clock management during the game. Lynn’s answers didn’t offer much reassurance about the decision-making process even as he pushed back at the notion that clock management has been an issue for his staff.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Lynn said. “I would sit down and talk you through every one of our decisions. I’m not saying that it’s been perfect at all. But what happened today at the end of the game that was miscommunication.”

The Chargers are now 3-8 and repeated mistakes in close losses have done little to make the case that Lynn will return for a fifth season in 2021.

19 responses to “Anthony Lynn: Running at end of game was “completely miscommunication”

  1. can’t fire Lynn. he’s presided over the “birth” of a young superstar qb into the league. nothing else matters, you have to keep herbert’s development going. get Lynn to agree to an assistant head coach to minimize the obvious mistakes.

  2. Did someone tell him that it being a miscommunication isn’t better? I feel like someone should tell him that because he doesn’t know.

  3. Lynn will be gone soon. How many times can you have excuses, it stops with the HC. Only question is who will be next…Gase or Lynn?

  4. Lynn’s a nice guy, but a terrible head coach. Chargers would do themselves a service cutting him loose and not going cheap when they look for the next guy.

  5. How about the clock disaster to end the first half? I really like Lynn. Seems like a great guy. Does not have what it takes to be a HC.

  6. Wonder what the AFC West would be like if Eric Bienemy was the head coach of the Chargers going against Andy and Mahomes twice a year?

  7. Anthony is a very good mentor but he needs a solid staff around him that can communicate better when NUT CUTTING Time comes into -play–he was a good dude with knowledge in Buffalo -but you need additional pieces that match

  8. blackqbwhiterb says:
    November 29, 2020 at 8:20 pm
    It seems the Chargers always find a way to lose a close game

    Chargers lost by 10. That was not exactly a close game. Last I checked that is down by 2 scores with 20 seconds left. Did the Chargers blow a call at the end of the game that would have given them a chance to get within a score? Yes. Lost another close game? Not today.

  9. There has been a few “completely miscommunications” this year. Chargers put up a fight against a really good team today, though. Offense seems to be playing hard for the kid. How can you not? Bolts struck gold in the draft.

  10. That was a poor display of coaching, wasnt just 1 “miscommunication” i watched 60 minutes worth. Lynn seems like good dude but hes no HC! Bills got somewhat lucky today but will take it!

  11. I wouldn’t call this a close loss. The Bills led the entire game and were up 27-6. Another hail mary with 20 seconds left to the 2 yard line made you not turn the game off early – but it wasn’t a close game.

  12. I actually think Lynn is a guy you stick with for 5 years and see what he can do. They have some talent on defense, a good rookie QB, and what looks like an RB1.
    If they poop the bed next year, then you can put him on the hot seat.

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