Arizona most likely destination for 49ers home games

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When the regular-season schedule emerged in May, the evidence was hiding in plain sight. If the 49ers couldn’t play games in their own stadium due to the pandemic, Arizona made the most sense, given that the 49ers and Cardinals never play at home on the same day.

With the 49ers now unable to play at home, Arizona has emerged as the top choice for relocated 49ers games.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona has become “the most likely option” for the 49ers. Another option would be a stadium in Texas.

An NFL stadium becomes critical to this equation because of the technology linking each stadium to the league office, allowing for real-time replay reviews. The quality of the playing surface also is an issue; at a time when not every NFL field is always up to snuff, plenty of non-NFL fields would be even worse.

The 49ers likely will set up a bubble wherever they go, especially since they won’t be able to practice in Santa Clara County between games. At this point, they should just head to a hotel close to wherever they will be practicing and playing, and they should stay there for the rest of the season.

The NFL Players Association likely will have a say in this, if players are informed that their job becomes, as a practical matter, a 24/7 proposition through the end of the season. Given that the alternative for players becomes not playing home games at all (and players not getting paid for them), the union likely will agree. If, however, these dramatically changed circumstances result in players being away from home for at least the next five weeks, players should get a chance to opt out for the balance of the season, giving up the balance of their salary but facing no penalties or punishment for walking away.

9 responses to “Arizona most likely destination for 49ers home games

  1. Everyone else in California is moving to Arizona… Why not football teams. I believe Tucson needs a team.

  2. Come to San Antonio. The Raiders were loved there. You can actually have real fans and not cardboard cut outs to cheer you on!

  3. Is there an extra locker room and clubhouse? I can’t imagine the Cardinals would be too pleased about having the vacate theirs for a division rival.

  4. The NFL has really done a magnificent job so far. It’s almost unfathomable that they’ve already played this many games. Some teams are getting hit harder than others, and Denver is rolling with a practice squad wide receiver as their QB this week. Now we’re even getting a bonus Tuesday night game. It looks like we’re heading into some troubled waters, but they’re making the necessary adjustments. Even if they had to pull the plug on the regular season next week, have a recovery period, and then the playoffs, I’d call it a success.

  5. This could be a very smart move. The stadium is out and away from things and has 2 nice and big hotels next to the stadium with enough restaurants that could be put into use for feeding the team.

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