For trick play dubbed “Wolfpack,” Josh Allen had just one job (and performed it)


The day after Mike Tyson returned to the ring, another reference to The Hangover has emerged, albeit not intentionally.

The Bills scored a touchdown against the Chargers on a trick play. Quarterback Josh Allen told PFT by phone after the win that offensive coordinator Brian Daboll calls the play “Wolfpack,” because he borrowed (i.e., stole) it from North Carolina State.

The Wolfpack (not the four guys who had an extended series of misadventures and shenanigans in Las Vegas) used it in 2016, with current Steelers running back Jaylen Samuels getting the toss and throwing the pass.

Allen had one job on the play, and it was an important one. He had to be sure that he threw a lateral to receiver Cole Beasley. Otherwise, Beasley couldn’t have thrown the ball down the field.

Allen added that he doesn’t mind having the ball taken out of his hands in those situation. “As long as we have team success that’s all I care about,” Allen said. (Other quarterbacks could not be quite so charitable about losing reps to gimmick plays.)

The Bills this year are no gimmick. They’re 8-3, and they now enter a four-week stretch of nationally televised games: Two on Monday night, one on Sunday night (against the Steelers in two weeks), and one on a late Saturday afternoon.