Report: Increased first team practice reps for Jalen Hurts this week

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has been adamant that the team will continue on with Carson Wentz as their starting quarterback, but there are more signs that he won’t be the only quarterback playing a role against the Seahawks on Monday night.

Pederson said early last week that second-round pick Jalen Hurts could see more playing time on offense and the team reportedly devoted practice time to preparing for that possibility this week. Tim McManus of reports that there was a “noticeable increase” in the number of first team snaps that Hurts took in practice this week.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Hurts is expected to see more playing time than in previous games — he has played 31 snaps over 10 games — and, in a change from past games, he’s not expected to be on the field at the same time as Wentz.

Hurts has run 12 times for 56 yards and completed both passes he’s tried for 27 yards.

20 responses to “Report: Increased first team practice reps for Jalen Hurts this week

  1. If Carson wentz had jerry rice and randy moss and bill Belichick coaching him in their prime he would still be under 500 and have zero playoff wins he can’t even hit a wide open reciever 5 yards away from him . Just look at 2018 the eagles coming off a super bowl that NICK FOLES won were 5-6 with wentz vs easiest part of schedule than Nick foles takes over and vs hardest part of schedule wins all the remaining games of the regular season and gets team to playoffs and wins in playoffs

  2. Remember when wentz was losing week after week In 2018 and Everyone blamed everyone except wentz and they said foles wouldn’t fix the problems? Then foles takes over and wins with same team that sucked with wentz

  3. If your QB
    has 0 playoff wins
    60 fumbles
    Is 7-25 vs teams over 500
    has no heart no desire to win
    started 5-6 in 4 of his first 5 seasons
    Never upset after loses
    hated by teammates
    makes everyone near him worse
    holds ball too long
    ignores open receivers
    Your QB is Carson Wentz

  4. If they are going to have a top 10 pick, they have to see what Hurts can do. They may be in a position to draft a QB, and if Hurts can play it would be nice to know. Sigh.

  5. He should be named the starter. He can’t be any worse than Wentz. Pederson should at least give it a try because if not Wentz will cost him his job. Maybe benching Wentz will get him to wake up and stop playing like a putz. I doubt it though. He’s already got his big money contract and it doesn’t look like he cares whether they win or lose because he still gets paid.

  6. If Hurts comes in to relieve Wentz and the offense looks as bad or worse, will Eagles fan’s finally accept that the coaching staff, offensive line and receivers are to blame ? When Wentz gets back to pro bowl level ( with a coaching staff that actually understands how to coach ) and Philadelphia has driven him out of town, will you still be happy to have Jalen Hurts as your starting quarterback ? Learn that the game is an imperfect science and these guys aren’t robots. I’m a diehard eagles fan but I really hate how the “ fans “ treat their players.

  7. Losing Reich really hurt the Birds, and especially Wentz. They’ve never been the same since – Pederson just isn’t getting it done and Howie has destroyed their cap. This team is doomed and only relevant because every other team in the East is inept and poorly run.

  8. I imagine if Wentz proves ineffective he will be replaced at the start of the second half unless the game is close (which I doubt it will be). He will be replaced sooner if he gives the ball away twice – either int or fumble of both.

  9. Philly fans seem to have their finger on what’s wrong with Wentz, etc…but there’s no denying Wentz was better when Frank Reich was OC there.

  10. Wentz has always held the ball too long. Pre-knee injury, this often resulted in spectacular looking plays he could make with his legs. It was also covered up by spectacular O-line play. Now it just results in sacks and interceptions.

    At this point, what do the Eagles have to lose giving Hurts a shot? Their offense literally could not be worse.

  11. Reminder that 6 or 7 wins could win the division. That is why Washington benched Haskins, and it has worked. Philly should try the same. Going 3-3 the rest of the way may be enough.

  12. If the Eagles had a healthy offensive line, Wentz’s flaws would be less glaring. The problem is they didn’t fix his issues during the good times and now are paying for their negligence during the bad. For heaven’s sake why did they hire Went’z best friend to be QB coach. You need someone who is going to hold Wentz accountable, not play XBox with him in the evening.

    If it comes down to Wentz or the coach/GM i think I would rather the team start over with a new GM/head coach because i still believe solid coaching can save Wentz’s career. I also hope Lurie realizes his relationship with his star players (allowing them to bypass the coach) is part of the problem.

  13. I realize that college performance is not indicative of performance in the pros (excepting Joe Burrows, Justin Herbert and a few more) but Hurts made himself into a pretty fair country ballplayer at Bama and OK. Give the kid a shot for a couple of games. It certainly can’t hurt.

  14. I watched Hurts when he was at Oklahoma and he has potential as an NFL QB. However I don’t think he has a winning caliber team who can support him in his development process.

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