Report: Initial feeling is Daniel Jones has “pretty bad” hamstring injury


Giants head coach Joe Judge didn’t say much about quarterback Daniel Jones‘ right hamstring injury other than that the team will wait for a Monday MRI to determine next steps for their offense.

While Judge didn’t say much publicly, Jordan Raanan of reports that the initial belief is that Jones has a “pretty bad” injury. Jones was hurt early in the third quarter and cleared to return, but left after two more plays that showed he had little ability to drive off his right leg.

“Yeah, just felt it on that play and didn’t feel like I could get a lot on it really or do what I needed to do to be effective and move the ball and throw it accurately,” Jones said after the game. “Just look to rehab it, do whatever I can to heal it up as fast as I can.”

Colt McCoy was 6-of-10 for 31 yards and ran five times for seven yards in the 19-17 win over the Bengals. The Giants face the Seahawks on the road in Week 13.

17 responses to “Report: Initial feeling is Daniel Jones has “pretty bad” hamstring injury

  1. Another high draft QB with no effective protection, expected to work miracles, and then thrown to the lions. Why does the NFL keep doing this?

  2. It is the fault of the team, not the league. The game next week in Seattle is not that important in that the Giants are expected to win. They need to beat the other teams in the division Maybe they can slop their way to first.

  3. When you call those plays where he fakes a handoff and runs up the middle, and more than just once a game, some sort of injury was bound to happen. Did you really think he’d make it through the year without getting hurt?

  4. The league doesn’t have enough good o-lineman.

    If you don’t address the position first, your shiny new QB is going to get destroyed.

    Did someone say draft a RB#2 overall? Sometimes GM decisions make me cringe…

    One of the main reasons Belichick is the GOAT is his focus on protecting his QB, then consistently field a top10 defense every year. The rest of the positions are “next man up”.

  5. This the problem running QBs. They get the the ailments and take the same hits as Rb’s. When they go down, it’s like you lose 2 positions from your offense.

  6. He is a horrible quarterback rather he played it not they only winnable game was against the cowboys Washington will win that division

  7. DJ had fine protection….the line actually played a very good game today. He hurt it on a run….hamstrings get pulled sometimes. He didnt hurt it because of the o-line. Try watching the game.

  8. It makes sense stop thinking that He a good quarterback he is horrible they played the bengals and barely one I said the only game they might win left on they schedule is Dallas Washington will win this division simple dude might be out awhile with that hamstring that’s wat happens if you a running quarterback

  9. Colt Mcoy is a better QB anyways but keeping him off IR is just as hard as winning a Super Bowl

  10. Giants will place Jones on IR. 3 weeks minimum. They will sign a QB off someone’s practice squad to backup McCoy.

  11. I should add for 17 years, they’ve had stability at the QB position. That’s not as much as NE and GB but it’s pretty impressive.

  12. Repost as this is the newest Daniel Jones post.

    2 notes on an Eli Manning return:

    -It would be very challenging to get in a street FA under the covid rules. If Manning came in, he would not practice this week. Therefore, they wouldn’t throw him out (in a new offense) against Russell Wilson.

    -By his own admission, he hasn’t thrown a football in months. Unlike Favre, who seemed to be throwing just in case.

    More likely, they poach someone from a practice squad. Possibly Cooper Rush. In theory, they could sign Manning and start preparing him to play…not likely.

  13. Jordan Raanan is not the most astute writer on the Giants’ beat. He’s also proved time and again, especially around draft time, that he lacks legitimate sources within the organization. He likes to push out copy but is not overly exacting on accuracy issues.

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