Saints become huge betting favorites after Broncos rule out quarterbacks

Getty Images

How much does it cost an NFL team to lose all its quarterbacks? According to the Vegas oddsmakers, about nine points.

That’s about how much the line shifted when the Broncos ruled out all of their quarterbacks because of exposure to COVID-19.

Prior to Saturday’s news breaking, the Saints were favored by about six points at most sports books. As of Sunday morning, the Saints are favored by about 15 points.

Simultaneously, the total points scored number has gone down. The over/under has dropped from about 43 to about 36 at sports books. In other words, prior to the news about the Broncos’ quarterbacks, the Saints were expected to win by a score of about 24-18. Now the Saints are expected to win by a score of about 26-10.

Kendall Hinton, a wide receiver on the Broncos’ practice squad who played some quarterback at Wake Forest, is expected to start at quarterback for the Broncos today.